Freedom Fighters| The Ray on the CW Seed

   So intense. The Multiverse expands on CW Seed. I cannot wait to see who else they have on the “Reichsman” team. Having Red Tornado in this dimension is an interesting choice. My only question is where is Uncle Sam, and Plastic Man? This will be a MUST Watch show.

One Reply to “Freedom Fighters| The Ray on the CW Seed”

  1. I guess it would be “wishful thinking” on my part to assume that the reason why we don’t see Uncle Sam is because he was part of the original team during World War II. I know that the old multiverse continuities have been majorly altered over the years, but I’d like to hope that since we’re seeing Raymond as The Ray… perhaps there is indeed an original Lanford version of The Ray (perhaps deceased after all this time) and other original Freedom Fighters. Since the comics have claimed Uncle Sam to not be human, perhaps he is alive on that Earth. We’ll see how this plays out.

    It’s nice to see the DCTV multiverse expanding.

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