Quantum Multiverse: More than a Tweet, less than a Facebook rant.

03May1979   I am a geek. Like many of my friends (I really don’t have that many) I enjoy multiple genres such as Comic Books, Science Fiction, Fantasy, History, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Zen, Physics, and Technology.

On this webLog, well… I promise nothing spectacular. I am not a talented writer. My art is average, but I enjoy creating it. Every now and then I’ll point something cool out that I find, even if it has been pointed out ad nauseam on millions of sites before mine. My bLog is my creative outlet, plain and simple. It’s a way to decompress from daily real life. There will be no Nerd Rage or venting [you will probably find a few past rants that I will leave where they are, I am not into rewriting the past]. Thing are always more fun to talk about when you only write about what you enjoy, not what you don’t.

   Until then, Live Long & Prosper and May the Force Be with You.


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