John Boyega… A Fan’s Best Friend

   If you want to start your day off right, give this video a watch. Some great fans getting a really fun surprise. Promoting “A Force For Change”, John photobombs unsuspecting cosplaying fans. I rolled a tear or two.

   Also, that chap in the black Stormtrooper armor was awesome looking 👍

A Long Time Ago. In an Arcade Far, Far Away


View the Video Here

   I loved this game as a child. It was one of those games that I could enjoy all day long. My more recent memories were from 1989 when I was working at a nightclub in Reno, NV. The club had one of these and we had the ability to play infinite games. Good times, indeed.

Star Wars: Tamashii Nations’ Darth Maul… 素晴らしい!


   If I could afford anything in this line, I would get this guy. Next to the Stormtroopers in Yoroi, this design resonates with my love of Star Wars and my admiration of the Feudal Japanese aesthetic. Darth Maul is simply stunning. The character was one of my favorite parts of the Phantom Menace, and I totally dig the treatment that this gives him.