Popeye (1980)


   Tonight we are watching “Popeye”. This was released during the holiday season in 1980. I remember going to the theater to see it with my parents on Xmas day. I was 10, and Robin Williams was a big deal to me in those days because I was a huge fan of the “Mork and Mindy” television show. Heck, Robin has never ceased to be a big deal in my life. He is still missed, not only by me but by most of the people on the planet who were touched by his work. The world is a lesser place without him. We still have his movies, and the wonderful memories that he left us.

Another Look Back @ Logan’s Run on TV

   Logan leaves the City of Domes with Jessica and they are kidnapped by a pair of robots. An android named Rem rescues them and they flee with Francis in pursuit.

logans-run-annual-1978%00fc   I’ve probably written about this show before, but as I am a creature of habit you’ll see me repeat myself a lot. At times I love to revisit, rewatch shows and movies, replay old games, relisten to old albums,re-read old comics and books. From time to time I love to review these things. This is one of those things. It has that modern 70’s aesthetic that most Sci-Fi did back then that I totally dig.

   Having been a series, they could have fleshed out the story a bit more than the film did. That opportunity was squandered, obviously. After all, it was 70’s television, not known for its deep character/plot development.

   Is it visually stunning? Is it great writing? Is it a groundbreaking show? Nope, nope, and NOPE. What it does have is that feel of its time. That is pure gold to me. I was 7 when this show aired in 1977, but I never got to watch it. Heck, until it was reran on cable in the early 90’s, I had no idea that it even existed. It seemed like something I would have liked as a 7 year old. Even today, it has its charm, which is probably why I am writing about it.

   You can view it on YouTube right now, the first episode is a bargain at $1.99 (USD). Give it a shot, and tell me what you thought about it afterward.

Sci-Fi Saturday: That’s the Men in…


    Tonight we revisited MiB. One of the best Sci-Fi Comedies out there. It ranks right up there with Galaxy Quest. I didn’t see this in theaters when it came out. I was a bit of a recluse and many things came and went without my noticing. When I was exposed to it, I was visiting a friend and he had the tape… yes, a VHS tape. I didn’t know what was in store for me. It started off a bit slow for my tastes, but as soon as Will Smith appeared it all got real good very quickly. I enjoyed the humor, the story, and the chemistry that Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones had. The visual effects still hold up surprisingly well.

    How long has it been since you’ve re-watched this film? For us, perhaps 5 years. It won’t be that long before we watch it again.

Star Wars: The OT Retrospectives

   These retrospectives, by Oliver Harper, are very informative and a “Must Watch” for any fan of the original trilogy. He delves into pre production, filming, merchandising, games, music, and much more. It’s an extremely entertaining watch, or even re-watch. Oliver is a talented editor, plus he is easy to listen to. If you haven’t heard of these before, you’re welcome. If you have, give them a another view… this is my 3rd or 4th time on each.

Executioners from Shaolin turns 40!

   Star Wars isn’t the only film [that I care about] that turns 40 this year. The Shaw Brother’s classic, Executioners from Shaolin, was also released in 1977. It was a great year, I was 7 and having a great time with great shows, and toys… it also was the year my lovely wife was born.

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Paraphrasing Wikipedia: This movie, directed by the late & Great Lau Kar-leung, is a multi-generational story of revenge pitting the disciples of Shaolin temple against the Daoist priest, Pai Mei. [Wudan never mentioned in this film]

Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell


   Watching this for the first time. It’s not bad. It is aimed at a younger audience. I am already digging the fact that the Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. are involved with the show. While I write this, I am also watching the show. At this point I won’t hold my breath for Dum Dum Dugan to make an appearance.


   The Howling Commandos was one of the best things that Marvel has put out in years. Having said that, it was also a short lived title. So seeing some of them show up in the animated universe is a treat.


   This direct to video presentation is entertaining enough, but don’t expect anything too deep. It’s fun for what it is. If you like Doctor Strange, the Hulk, the Howling Commandos, and don’t mind simplistic plots, then this show is for you. It really is worth a watch.

LAST MAN ON EARTH: Vincent Price (1964)


This is a film classic, and I cannot believe that it is in the Public Domain. It is one of my favorite Vincent Price roles. He carries the whole film since, as the title states, he is the Last Man on Earth.

   Vincent plays the lone survivor of a global epidemic. He battles a race of zombie vampires in an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend.”

   It was filmed in Rome, Italy, and was released theatrically in the United States by American International Pictures and the UK in 1966. In the 1980s, the film fell into the public domain. In 2005, MGM Home Video released a digitally remastered version of the film on DVD.

  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, grab a chair and some popcorn while stream it to your nearest screen. Oh, and make sure you sharpen some stakes, have some light sources charged up, and board up your doors & windows.

   Some of my information comes from Google and Wikipedia.

Star Wars Rebels: Spotlight Hera


   This week’s episode Star Wars Rebels is up on Disney XD’s App and Website. While it is still a character balance centered around Ezra, this one focuses on Hera. We learn a bit more about her past, and even a nugget about Chopper. We also learn that Thrawn is everything we wanted him to be, and More.

Let’s Go, Voltron…

   Voltron: Legendary Defender, was released on June 10th. I cannot recommend this new show enough. I was 15 when Voltron: Defender of the Universe was released in North America from a retooled Beast King: Go Lion. Back then, I enjoyed the show a lot, it wasn’t my favorite but is was fun… until they tried splicing in Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. They quickly re-retooled their show and phased out the “Vehicle Voltron” for the more popular lion version. Clever as it was, they milked the footage for all they could. Coupled with the specialty shops importing Go Lion toys, Matchbox releasing a version then Panosh Place taking a shot at the license, the world seemed to be crazy for Voltron.

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