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Sci-Fi Periodic Table


   The original image came from BuyMetalOnline.com, but it is no longer available there (for some reason). I’ve always really enjoyed it, and figure that I should share it. How many can you identify?


Meet Mark Boudreaux, Star Wars Toy Designer for 40 Years

   This article is part of a special StarWars.com series in honor of Star Wars’ 40th anniversary on May 25. With Star Wars celebrating its 40th anniversary this week, fans all over the world have be [read more…]

Source: Meet Mark Boudreaux, Star Wars Toy Designer for 40 Years | StarWars.com

   This is the (right) stuff of dreams! Many of us owe this individual much gratitude for hours of entertainment. I pulled the prototype Falcon image for two reasons, it’s awesome, AND it is a photo that I have personally never seen before.

Farewell Sir Roger Moore

Roger Moore

Roger Moore

   While Sean is my favorite Bond, Roger was my first. Farewell, good sir.


Honetroid by Ken Kelly


Kame… Hame… HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


   Just a quick sketch of Goku. It took me longer to apply the sloppy inks to the piece than it did for the pencils.


Hulk Out: Sticks & Stones


Sticks and Stones: Get this design on TeePublic


Lest We Forget… | Quantum Multiverse

Powers Boothe

Powers Boothe

   This is a gallery of fallen heroes of Sci-Fi & Fantasy. It is an ongoing project that, unfortunately, continues to grow. It seems that the longer one lives, the more life takes away. Anyhow,…

Source: Lest We Forget… | Quantum Multiverse

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