Legend of the Bright Knight: History of the Adam West Batman TV Show

   The Nerdsync team has outdone themselves on this tribute video. If you watch, and rewatch, only one Adam West tribute then it needs to be this one.

Dave’s Comic Heroes Blog: Freedom Fighters Quality

justice league of america 107

Source: Dave’s Comic Heroes Blog: Freedom Fighters Quality

   Remember those awesome days when crossing from one dimensional plane to another was as easy as turning a page?  I miss those days. At times the cross-over stories were bat-shit crazy, and that was half the fun. Check out Dave’s Comic Heroes Blog for some in depth detail on the Heroes of Quality Comics, and how they ended up calling on the JLA to help them in their struggle against nazi scum.

   You can find this issue of the classic JLA at Comixology.

#Superman and His Incredible Fortress of Solitude


Source: Superman and His Incredible Fortress of Solitude – DC Special Series large format comic #26 (1981)

   This issue of DC Special Series is a treat. Head over to “A Superman Collector in Hawaii” to read his entry on the issue.

   When I was a kid, I couldn’t get enough of Superhero Secret Lairs, and among my favorites were Batman’s Batcave and Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Other than the Cool factor of the X-Men’s Danger Room, I cannot think of any other hideouts that I would rather visit.



   So I ended up having a shit day at work yesterday. My wife surprised me with a 20 inch tall K2-SO, which took a lot of the edge off of the day, but I still woke up in a somewhat depressed mode. Then I watched the trailer for ABC’s “Inhumans“. The end of the trailer is so full of awesome with Lockjaw behaving like a fun pup. This made my day a bit more bearable. Now I have a K2-SO to keep me in line, and a live action Lockjaw to look forward to!

Spider-Man Maximum Carnage (SNES ) – Caravan Of Garbage

   This is a fair representation of Spider-Man games back in the day. I had a Sega Genesis, and the games were not any better for that console. I should have just stuck to Sonic 😉

Spider-Man: We Can Rebuild Him…


   After some successful repairs on a few “Masters of the Universe” figures, I decided to branch out into other makes and models of vintage toys. I picked this guy up on eBay this last week in this condition. The outfit is in decent condition, with only a few areas in need of stitching. On YouTube, I located a video for restringing Mego figures on RetroBlasting‘s channel. They made an easy-to-follow video that helped me get this guy back in shape.


   Well, the short of it… Spider-Man is in one piece again. I lost my original in a move sometime in 1974, as far as I can recollect. The only other Mego I had was a Batman. Perhaps I’ll pick one of those up as well, but I may not stop there 😉

Image17 (2)

Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog is Back!


   So I found out that I could play an old favorite from my late teens on my device! Sonic is back, and I need to relearn a new control system. I only played through the first level, but it was fun, even though I thoroughly sucked at it. It was a blast nonetheless.  My platform is Android, but I think that it is also available for the iOS too.

   Will this bring me back into the world of gaming? Probably not. Casual fun? Heck yeah!

Batman 1989


   Being what I consider to be the first of the modern comic book movies, Batman 89 brought us into a new world of capes and cowls. While it is not the best overall representation of the Dark Knight, it is still one of the best. I have room for all versions of the live action adventures of the Bat, to varying degrees, but this and Adam West’s portrayals are my favorites. It has its faults, and I think that is also part of its charm as a film.

   Anyhow, I’ll be celebrating the 38th anniversary of this movie with a viewing this weekend.