batwoman   Character Model Sheet Manipulation. Some are simple re-finishes, while other are original characters. My biggest challenge was taking John Byrne’s non, X-Men entries from the “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe” (circa) 1982, and making Byrne style X-Men out of them 😉

   Bat Woman, pictured to your left, was my first attempt into digital manipulation back in 1996. All I had was MS Paint back then. I then found a niche site that gathered many more people like myself. We shared, and I learned a lot about the method.

   I created Gotham-X (my homage to Batman & the X-Men), then I expanded into Temple of the Multiverse. Those sites were short lived. You see, as a person with an artist’s temperament, I couldn’t just stick with one thing. I was constantly changing things up. As you could probably tell from my constant layout and title designs of this site, which I’ve kept running as Quantum Multiverse for, what seems to be a record amount of time for me.

   Anyhow, here is a small sampling of my manipulations. Enjoy.

Base images mainly by John Byrne, Bruce Timm, and Steve Gordon.