Edgar Wright Says ANT-MAN Script Is Finally Finished — GeekTyrant

Edgar Wright Says ANT-MAN Script Is Finally Finished — GeekTyrant

   I’ve seen the test footage, and this character has the potential to be very dynamic. Anything Marvel Studios wishes to roll out to the big screen I’ll be excited for. One day, I hope, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the “X” title characters will be back in Marvel’s very capable hands.

Fox, X-Force, really?

123_Uncanny_X_Force_4Bleeding Cool writes, “This past week or so, we’ve been “off camera,” chasing rumours that Fox are on the verge of announcing plans for their extended X-Men movie universe. We were tipped off that they will – unsurprisingly – be using their panel at Comic-Con as the launch pad.”

Rob Liefeld Confirms Upcoming X-Force Movie

   Hmmm. This geek remembers a show called “Mutant X”, which had NOTHING to do with the awesome alternate reality that Alex Summers, a.k.a. Havock, was trapped in. What? You don’t remember that one? Consider yourself very fortunate, indeed. What about the little gem known as “Generation X”, a made for TV movie on Fox in the mid-1990’s? How about that wonderful FOX universe that my beloved X-Men are trapped in? OK, the first Brian Singer film was pretty good but the rest were progressively awful. I still hold out hope for the new Wolverine movie.

   All of this aside, there have been so many incarnations of “X-Force” that I, highly, doubt that can come up with a synthesis that would make anybody happy. This will include those wonderful men in the suits who see nothing but dollar signs everywhere they look, but are always left scratching there heads when popular characters fail them at the box office (due to them “tweaking” things they don’t know or care about). Fox has a poor track record at best.

   I have a bad feeling about this.

X-Men #1 (NM – 9.6) For $250,000!

This is my copy of this classic book…

Pedigree Comics Sells X-Men #1 In 9.6 For Record Price Of $250,000!

Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That is a great sale. While my copy isn’t worth near that much at a grade of Good, it does make me excited to know that the price is going up. I offered it on Etsy for three months at $1500, last year, but I had no takers. No worries since I really wasn’t ready to part with it any how. I am now very happy that I didn’t. I’ve had some great books in my collection and have sold them all in order to finance real life but this one is my last hold out. A Jack Kirby classic!

Shogun Warriors 5″ Dragun / Getter Robo Go

Shogun Warriors 5

sst 2107, #2106 Dragun

This is a second release version of Dragun. It comes complete with two axes. I have two but only one is pictured as the other is sealed in plastic and has been for more than a decade, at the very least. They are both in identically perfect condition.

We have two available 🙂

Geek or Not, Saving Mrs. Banks Looks Great!

   There are no Superheroes, no Sci-fi gear or ships, no creatures of myth or fantasy to be found, yet this movie looks to be one of the best things that Mr. Hanks has done in a very long time. I saw the still of the film with a small synopses yesterday and I was sold there and then. This afternoon I was delighted (yes, delighted) to see a trailer released for the film. If the movie is half as good as the trailer then it will be a hit for sure. I didn’t get to the theater to see many of the films that I wanted to int he last 9 months but this film will get me there, with smuggled homemade, healthy snacks and water (Paleo lifestyle stuff).

“Saving Mrs. Banks” is going rank high on my Geek list this year.

News about Upcoming Star Wars News is (apparently) News

‘Star Wars’ Heads to D23.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Star Wars will be the headliner at the  Disney Expo 23. I won’t act all cool and aloof about it. Like the next geek over, I can’t wait to hear a bit more about what is coming up in the Star Wars universe. Although it does seem a bit amusing that news about (possible) upcoming news is actually news.

Vin Diesel in Talks for A2?

Vin Diesel in Talks for A2?

What role is he being asked to play? A villain? A SHIELD Agent? Forbush-Man??? Well, maybe not that last one.

Which character from the Marvel Universe would you like to see him play in The Avengers 2?


Legion of Superheroes (2006 – 2007) a Review of sorts

   It is the 31st Century and the Legion of Superheroes is in dire need of assistance to defeat a group of foes that they can’t hope to match. Their solution, go back in time and enlist the help of the greatest superhero of them all… Superman. One little problem. They overshoot their target date by a few years and find a young Clark Kent who has yet to come to terms with his, Kryptonian abilities. They bring him – back to the future – and he becomes Super… man. Not boy, man. It was a legal thing. Well, it still is a legal thing. Anyhow, we get to see Clark come to grips with his own legend and even expand upon that legend a little bit more.

   Although this show is obviously targeted toward a younger audience, the show is entertaining enough for me and my wife to enjoy. I used to collect LoSH back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, leaving the title not long after it went to a “deluxe” format. One of my favorite themes from the books was that there were some very odd characters who were taken very seriously (Matter Eater Lad, Bouncing Boy, etc). This show just took that theme and ran with it like a drunken monkey with scissors.

   Not having seen it when it was broadcast back in 2006, I wanted to check it out. (See my review of “Birds of Prey” TV series and choosing to rent it for the same reason.) We are on Volume two of three and I am pretty pleased with how they add just enough references to  the old school LoSH to keep my inner geek satisfied. If you have seen this show yet, whether you have kids or not, pick it up, check it out and let your self have a little fun while watching.

My Newest Kenner Star Wars Acquisition!

Star Wars Kenner (one BSG Starbuck too)

   Here are my new, vintage, Kenner Star Wars action figures lot. All in really nice condition but no weapons. I do have some extra weapons for some of them though. The figures with the cloth and plastic accouterments blew me away when I first saw them I did NOT expect them all to be in that awesome of condition! I believe I am going to keep Admiral Ackbar. I can still remember sending the blue & white General Mills proof of purchases away and receiving him by post. Great times. The extra Starbuck, from Battlestar Galactica is a bonus figure and since I’ve already sold my last one, this one will be easy to replace.

   The case they came in is in pretty good condition but I already have two, or three, more of the same version as it is. I’ll be posting these guys this month on Etsy and maybe a few will go into an Ebay lot I am building. The Gamorean Guard is wanting to stay with me too, we’ll see 😉