My latest find, Jabba


I picked this one up a few days ago. The original Kenner Jabba the Hutt play set! This was a sweet deal and is only missing one small part that belongs on the hookah  Once I find that I’ll be posting it up for sale. Until then, it shall remain on my collection shelf to be appreciated by me 🙂



Star Wars: Rebels


   It may have come as a shock to you but I am a HUGE Star Wars Fan. The breaking new this morning about the upcoming show based on the late, and great, Ralph McQaurrie’s concept art for the first Star Wars Trilogy. The Show will be headed by Dave Filoni (Clone Wars) and feature collaborative talents  of Simon Kinberg and Greg Weisman (Young JusticeThe Spectacular Spider-Man and Gargoyles).

   “The action-filled series is set between the events of Episode III and IV — an era spanning almost two decades never-before explored on-screen.Star Wars Rebels takes place in a time where the Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking shape.”

   I shall be looking forward to watching this and in learning any details I can find about it. Star Wars: Rebels will air in the Autumn of 2014 on Disney XD.

Oh My….



So George Takei used an image I made and shared with him for one of his posts. This was the image that greeted his fans and followers this morning on Facebook. I created it after watching him on an episode of “Supa Ninjas”. George is a great guy and very personable. I met him many years ago at a convention in Reno, NV. He took the time to talk to everybody who came to get his autograph. I’ve since misplaced my photo of him but I may find it yet. Once I do I’ll scan it and share.

It may seem like this is no big deal to some folks but to me it means the world. It is even better than when William Shatner re-tweeted me and zinged me in the same tweet last month! I am having a heck of a Trekkie Spring. 

Anyhow… this made my 4th and was a wonderful post birthday present 🙂

May the Fourth Be With You!

Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor

May the 4th Be with you!

   It’s not just for Star Wars fans. My first introduction to Doctor who was sometime in 1981 when I was on a trip to Oklahoma, visiting family. It was Tom Baker’s Doctor and I was instantly mesmerized by this funny looking man with the ridiculously long scarf. I now have all the episodes from his run (Peter Davidson’s too) and I can pin-point my first episode as The Face of Evil. I am one of those nerds that loves Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who; toss in a huge helping of Marvel and DC comics (before the “New 52”) and you have me in a nerdy nutshell.

So what ever you are into, may the fourth be with you.

As you can tell, I really enjoy making cover images for my Facebook page. I created the Ewok image for my wife’s page 🙂

Vintage Star Wars Collector Resource: The Imperial Gunnery

The Imperial Gunnery

   If you have any questions about vintage weapons from the Star Wars Kenner line then The Imperial Gunnery is the place for you. I have been seeing so many weapon variants on the market lately that I decided to educated myself on the “ins and outs” of  the old Kenner line. This site has all the information you could possibly wish for and then some. The site is designed well and very easy to navigate. You don’t even need to utilize the search tool since the categories are so well though out you can get everything you need at a glance. With all of the variants out there you need to be on top of all the information that you can possible get your eyes on. As soon as I publish this article I’ll be joining the site.

Update: Fixed the lack of link to the site (

Original Kenner Figures: They are still out there…



   Last Sunday I went down to my local Swap-Meet and found these guys waiting to come home with me. They are not in the best shape but I never pass up these vintage figures (unless somebody over charges for them) when I find them. Luke’s face is mangled and R2 is in bad condition. The only bonus with Luke is that he has a lightsaber, all be it tip-less  and his body is in great condition. I believe the R2 is an “Early Bird” version (darker blue on the dome). Lando is incomplete but in nice condition… he also has no COO (Country Of Origin) stamped on him. I believe that this is my first figure with no COO 🙂

   Occasional finds like this keep me going. I also found a 1995 Gamorean Guard, no ax  but he was unavailable for this photo due to scheduling issues. He is currently guard one of my, personal, Star Wars shelves.

   May the 4th be with you!

RotJ: Awesome find!


Star Wars Vintage Huffy ROTJ Ride on Speeder Bike Pedal Car | eBay.

   How cool is this this? I’m not to sure about the $2,000.00 price tag but it is worth a few Imperial credits for sure. I would mount this on the front of my car and have my wife drive me around for hours 😉

Nuff’ said.

Observation: Just because it is “old”…

XYZ_interdit_XYZ_forbiddenThis really gets old for me when I am out and about or surfing for bargains… Just because something is more than ‘X‘ years old and is from brand ‘Y‘ does not automatically make it worth ‘Z‘. Honestly, we’ve all seen this at some point in our travels.

Something catches our eye, we pick it up and examine it then ask for the price. The seller gives some out of sight price and quickly exclaims…

“That is a vintage Star Wars toy… very “RARE (if you know me then you know that “RARE” is the only four letter word that I despise) and I’ve seen them go for up to xxx amount on Ebay!”

Well, Mr. Seller, let me break it down for you:

  1. Vintage is a commonly used term for items over twenty years old, at least according to Etsy. (9 times out of 10 the item is from the 2nd run of Power of the Force line or even all the way up to a few years ago)
  2. Brand Name (I used Star Wars since that is what I commonly seek out as a fan and a seller) don’t mean squat when factoring in collectibility and pricing. (Just because it is from the Star Wars brand, no matter the era, it doesn’t mean that it is worth some arbitrary number you place on it… do the research, grade your item and price competitively)
  3. RARE(click here for definition and rant on that dirty word) is how I like my steaks. Rare is not an item that I can see, literally, hundreds of times during each surfing session or dozens at every Swap Meet I attend. (As a seller you are an Epic Failure in my book when you list a loose Jawa, sans ion blaster, from 1978 and you are all excited because he has his cloth cloak and you believe that is rare because YOU don’t see them all of the time. If you would research your items then you would know that this item can be found EVERYWHERE for a fraction of what you are charging for it. No, $34.99, for the aforementioned Jawa is NOT acceptable… it is rather lame and makes you look very much so)
  4. Well, On The Ebay… This one is popping up more and more as I meet more sellers. Ebay is a wonderful place to shop and a really great tool for tracking and charting prices for items if you are willing to watch them for a little what to figure out what sort of prices the market will bear. With all due respect (and sometimes with much less respect to rude sellers) if you think it is worth that much on Ebay (which they obviously find the highest price charged then run like a one eyed monkey with scissors from a bull in a china shop) then why not go sell it on Ebay. The answer I get is I don’t have time (read: I am lazy), I don’t trust selling online (read: computers scare me and I am one step away from living in a cave) or I am not sure how (these people are the true rarity as they actually are relaying that they don’t know everything and they are usually the easiest, for me, to get along with and if they are nice enough I usually offer to help them if they are up for it)

I wasn’t going to write about things like this since I don’t like to run down the other guy who is also trying to make a living off of doing the same thing I am. There are some things that I just can’t bite my tongue over though. Also, I am not naming names nor am I pointing out who to avoid unless they are outright thieves then, trust me, I’ll sound off because the only way they can hurt me is by stealing from my fellow collectors.

A Quick Glimps of a Few of My Finds Today

   I found a lot of five “Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi” action figures locally today. Each has its own mail-away box. The one I took out of the box doesn’t have the paper insert and is, obviously  not sealed in a bag like the other four. I also picked up some 1984 Olympic Tins by McDonald’s and three Star Trek RPG campaign modules from 1984 – 1985.

   I think I shall be keeping the one that came without the sealed bag and has the crushed box.