New Design For 2016


 As you can see, if you’ve been here before, I’ve changed things up a bit. I am not really sure that I am doing this site for anybody but myself lately, so this is a post to myself saying that I’ve updated the site’s design 😉 So, just incase you are not me, and you have noticed a change… well this post is rather pointless because you’ve already noticed, therefor you need not be informed. Inversely, if you’ve never been here, Welcome, and this site used to look differently… again, pointless.

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#StarWars Action Figures Doing What They Do Best




Source: Star Wars Action Figures Doing What They Do Best @ RATHER CHILDISH « OUT OF PRINT MAGAZINE

   There are a few great photos in the article linked to above. It is one of the few places that you can still find a few of these awesome images. The article links to a retired WordPress blog by Rather Childish. The owner took all of the photos down back in June of 2014. Originally, there were over 200 images hosted on his blog, I hope he decides to republish them somewhere.


Photos by Rather Childish


As a digital image hoarder, I have an archive of them and they are brilliant. At the moment they are running in a loop on my Chromecast while I am not watching anything. I would repost them for posterity but there is a reason why Rather Childish pulled his images from public access and I won’t go against that.

The Creation of the Original #CaptainMarvel | Earth’s Mightiest Captain Marvel Podcast

   Listen to the Episode HERE. 1. Roscoe Kent Fawcett – the man who gave us the idea behind Captain Marvel. 2. Wilford Hamilton Fawcett – Captain Billy 3. Flash Comics #1 and Thrill Comics…

Source: As Mentioned in Episode 01 – The Creation of Captain Marvel | Earth’s Mightiest Captain Marvel Podcast

Saturday Morning Cartoon Challenge

CoverImage-790x428   As a few of you know, I was born in 1970. Saturday morning cartoons were already of, almost any American kid’s childhood. Until a few years ago it still was. I will admit that there were a few shows I would watch and enjoy. Once the tradition died, though, there was this gaping hole. Sure I could go out and play, or work on a “Honey-Do” list, but damnit if I didn’t miss those damn shows.

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Blogging Link: Super-Team Family, Cross-Overs at their VERY Best!

Wonder Woman and Captain America in "Love at First Newsreel!"
Wonder Woman and Captain America in “Love at First Newsreel!” ~ Click Image to go to Super-Team Family… NOW!

Quantum Multiverse on FaceBook | #Geek #Blogging

Doctor Strange & Dr. Fate by uncannyknack via DeviantArt
Doctor Strange & Dr. Fate by uncannyknack via DeviantArt / Doc Strange Fate by me.

   With my schedule as it is, very busy, and the sheer amount of geek news flooding the inter-webs, I created a FaceBook page. This serves two purposes. The first is to allow me easier access to posting news and updates directly from my phone on my breaks, or wherever I happen to be, and the second is to compliment this blog. On the FaceBook page I post things that I won’t be able to post here, so it’s like another weapon on my nerd arsenal. Connect with the site here and at

Check Us Out On The Book O’ Faces

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851579_229801833835099_1670506868_n   Please join me over on FaceBook. From comics to games to movies & TV and anything in between, if it is geek I share it. I post a lot of things there that I don’t have the time to talk about here. Come and share your geekness with me. I am not looking for a ton of “likes”, I am looking for quality interactions over quantity followers 🙂

   Live Long, Prosper, and may the Force be with you.

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Quantum Multiverse: Celebrating Its Second Year

   So 30, June 2015 will mark the second year that Quantum Multiverse will have existed as a blog on WordPress! I’ve had websites dedicated to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other random Geekery since 1995. From Dial-Up on AOL and Compuserve to my current ADSL connection, there has been some sort of site that I’ve worked on to share my passion about all things Nerdy. Heck, I still remember my stuff being hosted on Geocities. Those were the days.

   I’ve been known for working hard on a project, finishing then scrapping it to move on to the next one. Websites, like drawing or graphics, were always like art to me. If it was mine then anything went, and when I grew tired of it… it went. This site was different. One, it was based on WordPress, a stable blogging platform that is VERY flexible. Two, it wasn’t a version of WP that was installed on my personal server which was a pain in the ass and something that I will never do again due to random malicious attacks.

   So here we are at two years and the artist in me has zero desire to move on to the next platform, or style, or whatnot. That is an incredible step. From time to time I change the theme and graphics up a bit but the core of the blog stays the same, my enjoyment of all things Geek.

   I hope that you’ll hang out with me and share your sites and loves with me. As much as sharing my interests, I enjoy hearing about yours’ too ^_^

Live Long, Prosper and May the Force be with You.