Stolen Rocket Firing Boba Fett Prototype

Stolen Rocket Fett Prototype

   According to, an AFA graded Rocket Fett Prototype was stolen from Rebelscum owner Phillip Wise’s Star Wars museum. If you run in the big-kid collector’s crowd, be on the lookout for this piece.

Star Wars: Celebrate Wookiee Life Day: 17, November

Back in 2007 I added Ben to the cast photo… just because 😉 The Holiday Special: Special Edition, if you will.

cantina_denizens_6-1088x816-436321435263   A long time ago, on TVs far, far away, a great adventure took place. It was November 17th in 1978, well over a year after Star Wars was released as a rave success. I was eight years old and, like the rest of the nation (perhaps the world), was STARVING for more Star Wars. The Force was strong with me and it awakened something new in my life. It was the true blossoming of my Geekness.

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New This Week: Something Old


   I found these guys yesterday, at a local shop. The price tag for the lot was a bit large until I saw that Brown Snake and cane of Yoda’s. He also has “Pac-Man” eyes. That was the deal maker for me. I was able to get the set for 10% less than marked. There are twenty-one figures, and many of those are ones that I have already. I’ll be posting those on Etsy and looking for a Jedi Knight Luke [loose / incomplete] since I now have all three of his accessories.

    As for the Yoda, I’ll definitely be parting with that one. It will pay for the purchase, plus it isn’t the one I had when I was a kid. The one I grew up with was the orange snake common version and that’s the one that I would rather have again.

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