Drawing Spider Woman, Bruce Timm Style


   It’s been awhile since I posted a piece. I was adding some Bruce Timm images to a Pinterest board, last week, and I found a Spider Woman (Jessica Drew) that he had done. What struck me about was the simplicity. The line from the should to the knee inspired me to take a shot at re-drawing the piece.


   I added more detail, moving away from the simplicity that had so inspired me. It worked out though. Usually I go way overboard, and become tired with it. This one was fun to do. It’s nice to get back to my roots, pencil/pen to paper.

An Old Hobby Redux

Lines & Detail Layers...


Jump to https://quantummultiverse.wordpress.com/image-manipulations-101/ to see the progression.

   I am such of fan of both the newer, but sadly canceled, Young Justice and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes styles that I may just begin again. I’ll also upload a few, select, images from my old portfolio into a gallery on this site.