Drawing Spider Woman, Bruce Timm Style


   It’s been awhile since I posted a piece. I was adding some Bruce Timm images to a Pinterest board, last week, and I found a Spider Woman (Jessica Drew) that he had done. What struck me about was the simplicity. The line from the should to the knee inspired me to take a shot at re-drawing the piece.


   I added more detail, moving away from the simplicity that had so inspired me. It worked out though. Usually I go way overboard, and become tired with it. This one was fun to do. It’s nice to get back to my roots, pencil/pen to paper.

#Batman: Strange Days – Bruce Timm’s 75th Anniversary Short

   Bruce Timm’s contribution to Batman’s legacy is huge. I rank his work as high as Neal Adams. He was able to take a huge body of work and mythology and tie it together in a half hour format. When I first saw it I was 22 and, honestly, wasn’t impressed. Needless to say the stories kept me coming back and then the retro design began to grow on me and soon became another reason why I loved the show. It even impressed my parents at the time.

An Old Hobby Redux

Lines & Detail Layers...


Jump to https://quantummultiverse.wordpress.com/image-manipulations-101/ to see the progression.

   I am such of fan of both the newer, but sadly canceled, Young Justice and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes styles that I may just begin again. I’ll also upload a few, select, images from my old portfolio into a gallery on this site.