Affleck, you’ll be the *BOMB* in #BatmanvSuperman Yo!

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DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 09: Ben Affleck on the set of
DETROIT, MI – AUGUST 09: Ben Affleck on the set of “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” on August 9, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Paul Warner/GC Images)

   So when the teaser came out, last year-ish, I wasn’t too impressed. I am tired of the sepia-haze that is now the hallmark of WB Superhero movies. That and the whole “No Humor” thing sort of irked me.

   Something has changed. What’s made me change my tone? What ONE thing has made me pull a 180? One thing. One human. One Actor. Ben Affleck has sold me on the direction and tone of this upcoming film. Sure, Ben has been in some films that just didn’t work but this is not going to be one of those. When you watch the trailer you don’t see this “sad” Batman that we’ve been saddled with for however long now, you feel “mad” Batman. Yep, beyond seeing the anger that Ben portrays, you feel it. That is the mark of good director and a talented actor.

    I am still unsure if I will actually go see this in the theater but I will see it. At this point I can’t wait for it to come out so I can view it at home. Why? Why wait for the BluRay/Digital Download? Well the movie looks so intense that some people in my household, perhaps even me, would need to take some breaks from viewing it.

First look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s “Ultimate” Superhero Showdown

This Week's Cover: First look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's ultimate superhero showdown
This Week’s Cover: First look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s ultimate superhero showdown

   I know that I am tardy to the party, but real life can be a bitch. That being said, this cover to Entertainment Weekly gives us a new look at the DC Trinity in non-washed out color. I mean wow… look at all of the color! Wonder Woman looks, well, wonderful. She could use a bit more bulk but she looks really good. Batman still looks more “emo” than stoic and Superman looks sort of smug. If the movie actually gives us a bit of this color, I would be more interested in watching it. Nothing against Snyder’s vision but it is way to dark and dingy.

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The Brave & the Bold: Starring #CaptainAmerica and #Batman

Brave and the Bold
Brave and the Bold

   I was watching a bit of Batman the Brave and the Bold today and thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be cool if Captain America would show up for some bad guy hammering?”. Incredibly my self said, “You got that right!” So it is now about 7 hours later and here is my team up. It isn’t perfect but I am not a professional and it was a labor of love,  fun and Nerdom. I really had a great time with this 🙂

The base was two Batmans and I used a Green Arrow as a reference for B&tB style.


#Batman Beyond, another 75th Anniversary of the Bat Animation Celebration @DCComics

   Seeing old Bruce belt up and ready to kick some bat-butt makes me happy on so many levels! ^_^ Also check out all of the Bat-Men at the end… representing most of the animated universe.

So, Batman Zero Year…

   Yet another rehashing of the origin of the Bat. Yep, but honestly it looks like a great rehashing of Bruce’s long road to become the consummate crime fighting capped crusader. I like Batman. It seems as if I like Batman in any form. From the Serious & gritty Dark Detective to the campy Silver Age, outrageous, adventures. So far there has only been one version of Batman that I didn’t like and I have not seen it, other than publicity shots, that would be the pron parody of it. Not my thing.

   Anyhow, BATMAN. This primal force of nature that kicks the crap out of bad guys of all levels. From muggers to super villains. Batman. Who can strike fear in the hearts of superstitious criminals everywhere. Yes, Batman.

   Zero Year will run for a year in the current issues of Batman, which began in #23. I would like it to be an extended mini series, beyond the main title book, so we can really get a vivid image of what it took to become the Bat. Has it been done to death? Yes. Yet that is the thing about great Myths. We keep retelling them over and over. From the tales of Heracles to hearing stories in churches every Sunday, or whenever you go. We love our myths, fairytales and science fiction. The greatest ones have a bit of truth in them and becoming the Bat is more grounded in reality than other heroes out there on the market.

   Batman, Zero Year should continue to be a great read and I am looking forward to sitting down with it each Sunday (if I can wait that long to read it) with a hot cup of Caf and enjoying it.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

   I have been fortunate enough to have an early view of  “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox”. No spoilers here so read on. Not that there can be very many spoilers since the direct market movie follows the “Flashpoint” mini series (by Johns, Kubert and Hope) pretty closely, for the most part.

   First, the character designs… I really wasn’t too keen on them. They were very Street Fighter from the 1990’s. No, really. The large jaws and the Rob Liefeld proportions (nothing against Rob’s style, heck he gets paid for what he does so good on him) just put me off a bit.  The story was pretty good, again it follows the established “Flashpoint” mini from a few years ago. For the time constraints, I really appreciated how they treated the material. The voice acting was pretty good. Some of the voices didn’t seem to go together with the characters but only for a few of them. Kevin Conroy was back as Bruce Wayne/Batman… ’nuff said. Finally the action was very entertaining. There was a lot going on but not too much. It didn’t become overwhelming for me in the least but for my wife, who was forced to endure the screening with me, it was another story.

   Having my wife watch the show along with me allowed me to gauge what an uninitiated viewer thought about the show. Now she is a Sci-Fi geek and loves to watch the straight to DVD Superhero shows almost as much as I do. Having said that, she doesn’t read comics. She had no clue as to where the story was going to go. Like me, she didn’t think much about the character designs. Nor did she like the story line. She couldn’t get passed the “Super-Friends” fighting each other, let alone killing each other. There was enough going on to keep her attention, sometimes too much, but overall she didn’t like the show at all.

This will end up in my library but it won’t be one that I pop in on a rainy day for some fun entertainment. Watch it for yourself. It is worth it unless you didn’t like “Flashpoint” then don’t pick this one up. Wait for the next one, “Justice League: War”, which will be sew in the current “New 52” era of the league. Check out a bit about it right here:

Beware the Batman! Indeed.

Beware the Batman (2013) | DC Comics.


   Don’t mind me, I just going to sit here and eat my own words. I had a few derogatory things to say about “Beware the Batman” over the last, well ever since I saw the pic of Alfred brandishing guns. I was also a little bat-hurt that my Silver Age Fan Fest, Bat-Man the Brave & the Bold, was canceled and that added to my suspicion of the coming change that would be Beware the Batman. Don’t get me started on Young Justice, Green Lantern or even Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes since I still and a huge Dark Side RAGE on over their being yanked, unceremoniously. Oh yes, I digress.

Where was I? Still eating my words, of course.

Beware the Batman is, simply put, an awesome new take on the Dark Knight in his earlier days as a crime fighter. It began strong and ended stronger. The new character designs, which in small stills seem odd and out of place, flow well with the fast action pace.

Alfred is a retired operative from British Military Intelligence and is a wonderful, fresh take on the character. While Bruce is just getting to know the Batman. He is a little brash and cocky but he seems to be learning a lesson, bruised bodies and egos are great teachers. We’ve only had a glimpse of Katana. Why are they using Katana? No clue but time will tell and if this first episode is any indicator… it will be a heck of a tale. With a new Rogues Gallery, who can we expect to drop in unannounced and will we get to see any of the old heavy hitter villains?

Bottom Bat-Line, I dig the new take. It has everything that makes Batman, Batman, yet it is so different that it adds to the mythos of the Bat. I’ll be making an effort to catch this show each week, same Beware the Bat-time, Same Beware the Bat-channel.

Catch Beware the Batman on Cartoon Network at 10 am in your area (check local listings for exact times).

Young Justice Batman Redesign


   This one was a warm up. I think I added too much detail, I got a bit carried away. The original base was a Young Justice Batman. This is just my take of this awesomely rendered and animated version of Batman. This took about seven hours in total to produce. Now that it is twelve hours later I am seeing imperfections and a few missed high-lights here and there. C’est la vie.

I used three different programs to edit this image in multiple layers. Corel’s Paint Shop Pro X2, JASC’s Paint Shop Pro 7.0 and Adobe Photo Shop 9.0 CS2.

Original artwork by Jerome K Moore. Batman, Bruce Wayne and all related images
are the copyrighted property of DC Comics, and Warner Bros Animation.

P.S. sorry for the double post, but the original “Re-blog” option just didn’t look right and felt somewhat lazy.

The Haunting of Bob Kane

The Haunting of Bob Kane


   This is an older bLog, but I am one of many advocates for the late Bill Finger (1914-1974), the co-creator of Batman and this entry doesn’t pull ANY punches. While I don’t entirely agree with all of the points of Bob copying other’s works I do know that he had denied Bill his due.