We finally caught up with Moana this evening. My wife and I really enjoyed the entire film. It takes a lot for us to go out and see a movie, so we usually opt for waiting for it to come out for rent and staying at home. The most impressive part, other that Dwayne Johnson, was the water… it was rendered so beautifully, I was blown away. I am not clamoring for a Moana sequel, but if it does happen I won’t complain. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the female lead HERO. She was excellent!

#StarWars Rebels: Extended Trailer (Official)

   How AWESOME does this show look? You don’t have to answer that question because I already know. There are classic elements, prequel elements, and most importantly Ralph McQuarrie elements to the show. Without Ralph Angus McQuarrie, I dare say, the Star Wars we all know and love could have never existed. It could just be a footnote or some cult favorite like THX1138. They can only do so much with the story for the show without infringing on canon but they seem to be handling it in stellar fashion. Star Wars: Rebels comes to Disney XD this October. If you are like me, without cable or satellite, you’ll find more creative methods of obtaining access to this show. 

Star Wars Rebels Details and a bit of Art

Star Wars Rebels Details and a bit of Art

rebels concept art

   A few samples of the animation style. I am pretty excited to see the character designs and even a peek at some of the main characters themselves! If this series is what it purports to be, then this will be the bridge between the higher-tech pre-Empire days and the clunkier utilitarian world of my Star Wars. ^_^