Computer Animation: Sintel

   This film is seven years old, and I am only now finding out about it. It is an incredibly compelling short movie with an ending that you don’t see coming. I totally dig the whole production. Watch it for yourself. If you’ve seen it before, watch it again, and give the creator’s a thumbs up. They’ve earned it.

Sunday Cinema: Tron [1982]


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   Today we are screening Disney’s “Tron” [1982]. This is one of those ambiguous movies from my youth. I was 12 years old, and personal computers were still a really new concept for the public at large. Video game arcades were still bigger business that home gaming consoles. This move came off like some sort of techno-magery. The computer graphics still hold up well, probably because they are hyper stylised. Some of the dialog isn’t as timeless as the design aesthetic, but I love the programing jargon that was turned into characters and destinations in the film. They even have a few homages to Star Wars.


   While this may be, perhaps, only my 4th or 5th time watching this movie, I find that it gets better with age. The 12 year old me found it to be interesting, and at times, exhilarating, but there were plenty of dull areas that he couldn’t appreciate. Fast forward 35 years. There are many things to appreciate and celebrate in Tron. If you have not watched it lately, or ever, grab the family and boot it up. Find the “Making of Tron” if you really want to treat yourself to some nerd nirvana.


   While you’re at it, check out a favorite early CGI animated show, “Reboot”. More on that show another time.

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Of Carrie, Leia, CGI, and Abrupt Endings


   Not everybody’s story get’s a clean wrap up ending. John Lennon didn’t. JFK didn’t. MLK didn’t. Some people light is extinguished before they have a chance to burn out. We go on and deal with their all to obvious absence. I am OK with seeing a CGI General Leia fall during a surprise attack on the Resistance base.

   What I am NOT OK with is trying to recast the role, just so we can have story integrity. The lived in universe of Star Wars isn’t about neat and clean solutions. Sure there are some oversimplified concepts in the films, but we saw what neat and clean got us in the Prequels. I am not bashing them, they just didn’t have the feel of the originals. Leia needs an ending. It should be while she is serving, in battle. With chaos all around her, the CGI will be much easier to watch because there will be no time to focus on what’s not quite right about the construct.

   Carrie would have loved to have a powerful ending for Leia. CGI is the only answer, unless her ending is detailed in the opening crawl. The crawl would be a huge disservice. She deserves an ending that suits her character.

   We all love Carrie. We all love Leia. They are inseparable [discounting a young Han Solo treatment of her character]. I hope episode 9 sends her off with the respect that any great General deserves.

#StarWars Rebels: Extended Trailer (Official)

   How AWESOME does this show look? You don’t have to answer that question because I already know. There are classic elements, prequel elements, and most importantly Ralph McQuarrie elements to the show. Without Ralph Angus McQuarrie, I dare say, the Star Wars we all know and love could have never existed. It could just be a footnote or some cult favorite like THX1138. They can only do so much with the story for the show without infringing on canon but they seem to be handling it in stellar fashion. Star Wars: Rebels comes to Disney XD this October. If you are like me, without cable or satellite, you’ll find more creative methods of obtaining access to this show. 

Cartoon Network to Burn Off “Beware the #Batman” in Late Night Slot & A2 Hulk News

Cartoon Network to Burn Off “Beware the #Batman” in Late Night Slot

   I am too disappointed to even post a rant about this. Follow the link and read the story for yourself.

   Meanwhile in the Marvel Universe, some great news… Lou Ferrigno is going to be back to voice the Hulk in Avengers 2: the Age of Ultron 🙂


#TRANSFORMERS Returns in 2015. Sounds like Prime cont.

#TRANSFORMERS Returns in 2015. Sounds like Prime cont.

   I dig shows that have continuity. If this show does indeed stem from the Transformers Prime program then it will be fun to see what happened after that show ended. Even if it would be in flashbacks. Scraping old, solid, shows just for the sake of rebooting or what-ever is the norm now and it is getting old. Properly ending a show and bringing a change that has roots in the past is an awesome way to refresh an old story and still keep you firmly grounded in a new situation of a new one. Are you listening DC… New 52?

Beware the Batman! Indeed.

Beware the Batman (2013) | DC Comics.


   Don’t mind me, I just going to sit here and eat my own words. I had a few derogatory things to say about “Beware the Batman” over the last, well ever since I saw the pic of Alfred brandishing guns. I was also a little bat-hurt that my Silver Age Fan Fest, Bat-Man the Brave & the Bold, was canceled and that added to my suspicion of the coming change that would be Beware the Batman. Don’t get me started on Young Justice, Green Lantern or even Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes since I still and a huge Dark Side RAGE on over their being yanked, unceremoniously. Oh yes, I digress.

Where was I? Still eating my words, of course.

Beware the Batman is, simply put, an awesome new take on the Dark Knight in his earlier days as a crime fighter. It began strong and ended stronger. The new character designs, which in small stills seem odd and out of place, flow well with the fast action pace.

Alfred is a retired operative from British Military Intelligence and is a wonderful, fresh take on the character. While Bruce is just getting to know the Batman. He is a little brash and cocky but he seems to be learning a lesson, bruised bodies and egos are great teachers. We’ve only had a glimpse of Katana. Why are they using Katana? No clue but time will tell and if this first episode is any indicator… it will be a heck of a tale. With a new Rogues Gallery, who can we expect to drop in unannounced and will we get to see any of the old heavy hitter villains?

Bottom Bat-Line, I dig the new take. It has everything that makes Batman, Batman, yet it is so different that it adds to the mythos of the Bat. I’ll be making an effort to catch this show each week, same Beware the Bat-time, Same Beware the Bat-channel.

Catch Beware the Batman on Cartoon Network at 10 am in your area (check local listings for exact times).