The Multiverse Market!

Notice my homage to a favorite blog, Space1970 😊

   On Monday, March 20th of 2017, my wife and I will be relaunching our Etsy shop. The newly renamed shop is called The Multiverse Market. I have to say that we are pretty excited about this. This time it’s just for fun, not because we have to sell/buy/sell 😉

MM   Misty was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease which prevented her from performing her job as a Dental Assistant, and I made some bad decisions about moving to another part of the country to take on a task that I had no idea how to do. Eventually we moved back to the West Coast, where we belonged. We found Etsy about a year after I lost my final contract job, and in the horrible job market things were looking pretty bleak. We were living with my parents in California at the time. We still had a bit of inherited things from Grandparents who had passed away, along with all of our stuff that we had been hauling around from state to state. There were things that I really didn’t wish to part with, in fact I have recently gone out of my way to replace some of those pieces.

Long story short, Misty is still sick but creating some really nice jewelry pieces, while I am gainfully employed in a field that is almost exactly where I want to be. I’ve switched my collecting focus to, primarily, Vintage Star Wars. I am still very opened to other things but having a focus saves on space and money.

IMAG3834   On our shop, you’ll find some of Misty’s designs and my collection overflow. For my part, I am liquidating the items that I no longer want or have too many of. Our prices are  not sky high like some sellers who fervently believe that “Star Wars + [insert age of piece here] = $$$“. I use Star Wars as an example, I will be selling various lines. We price competitively, and calculate actual cost of shipping (even factoring in the cost of any shipping material that is not recycled, we will be a lot cheaper that that seller who charges $13 for anything over 8 oz. You know that guy, we don’t like him either). Also, our shipping is calculated by weight.

   Check out some of our past sales here:

We Recycle ♻

Kenner’s 1979 Battle Damaged X-Wing

You are cleared for landing, Red 5.

    This last week I finally picked up my very first Kenner X-Wing. This isn’t the 1978 version, it’s the one from 1979. It has the, what seems like the much maligned, “Battle Damage” stickers applied, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The cannons are a bit bent, and the cockpit will open but will fall off if you push it back too far.  I had the Millennium Falcon, a TIE Interceptor, a Twin-Pod Cloud Car, the AT-AT (@@), and an AT-ST when I was a kid. I never owned an X-Wing. Later on I picked up a Micro Collection one, along with some Micro Machine versions. I sold them all, along with a great 2003 Dagobah version that I picked up just for resale (oh the regrets, but it was how I made a living for a while).

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At 90,000 comics, his collection is probably bigger than yours | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

At 90,000 comics, his collection is probably bigger than yours | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

   And here I am bitching about how difficult moving 2k in comics around was back in early 90’s. 

Comic Book Collecting, Going Greener with Digital

Comic Rack
Comic Rack Version 0.9.121 64 bit

   When I first heard of Digital comics my first thought was “Hey, that ‘s pretty cool, but it will never replace the same feel of actually holding the book in your hands and reading it.” That was then and this is now. Over my life I’ve had tens of thousands of comics and it seemed that with each move I’ve paired them down because, let’s face it, they can get damn heavy the more times you’ve moved them from one house, town or state to another. I’ve given some away, sold some to pay bills, traded some for other wants or needs and donated some to good causes. Right now I am down to about 500 actual paper and ink issues in my possession. The collecting of them was fun and all but I wasn’t in them for the money. I began my collection in the 70’s and then the 90’s really tried to beat the fun out of collecting. I’ll admit that I got caught up in some of the hype and made a buck or two but I was left with quite a few worthless issues that were over printed. Finally in 2006, after price hikes, fewer pages and more ads… I stopped collecting altogether.

   In 2010, due to some cross-over events and major changes, I decided to begin to rebuild my collection once more. This time it was to be different. The only space I would need would be on my hard drive (and my redundant back-ups and reading devices). I was going Digital. I still had roughly 1000 books in my possession and began to liquidate them, most of them. I first began with my X-Men collection, then Bat-Man and so on. I was now able to collect more Silver Age books than I was able to before and delve into the Golden Age with gusto. What used to fill a room now fills a portable hard drive and I no long have to be so careful when I wish to re-read a story or three in a few 40 (plus) year old comics. My collection isn’t done yet but it is at over 158 GB and growing. 

   My name is Darran and I am a collect-a-holic. But the best part is that my collection has a far smaller carbon footprint (especially when I am out an about charging my reading device off of its solar panel) and it takes up a millionth of the space 🙂

   Do you want to go digital. The easiest way is to stop thinking about it and just do it. If you need more of a game plan then this article from LifeHacker can help you out: Other than the newer titles I get from DC, Darkhorse or Marvel I utilize CDisplay Ex, Comic Rack, and on my android device I realy enjoy using Perfect Viewer.

Happy Collecting my friends and fellow geeks. Excelsior!