I Am Your Father

   This is playing on Netflix. It’s a great tribute to Dave Prowse, the man who played Darth Vader. The documentary goes into why Lucasfilm has had issues with Dave. There is a nice scene that Dave films, that isn’t shown, as sort of a moment of closure. Watch the film, and enjoy it for yourself.

Star Wars Rebels: Imperial Supercommandos


   This week we get to meet the Mandalorians who work for the Empire. We also get to see more character development for Sabine. Dave Filoni has really honed his storytelling skills and given us an absolutely wonderful third season, so far. I am not someone who get’s caught up in the whole “This isn’t my Star Wars” thing. I can take enjoyment in watching Darth Maul’s machinations just as much as laughing at Hondo’s crazy schemes. From Puffer Pigs to James Earl Jones’ reprisal of Darth Vader, this show is a great escape for my Wife and I. If you haven’t already checked it out, then what are you waiting for?

 Watch it online right now at DisneyXD.com

Star Wars: Ralph McQuarrie Collectibles at Sideshow

Keep an eye out for this series here: Sideshowtoy.com/whats-new/star-wars-ralph-mcquarrie-collectibles I cannot wait ^_^

An Art Style From A Long Time Ago, Meets A Galaxy Far, Far Away

   These limited edition, fully licensed, woodblock prints were designed by artist Masami Ishikawa, engraved by master engravers, and hand printed by a master printer.

Jedi News – Latest: Star Wars News: Arriving Spring/Summer 2014

Jedi News - Latest: Star Wars News: Arriving Spring/Summer 2014

So this was posted over at Jedi News. What do you make of it? Darth Vader themed specials? Intriguing…

Etsy Transaction – Star Wars Darth Vader Bank Roman Ceramics (1977)

Etsy Transaction - Star Wars Darth Vader Bank Roman Ceramics (1977)

   This was left as feedback on our transaction with the buyer on Etsy.

“Holy Crap! This is the singularly BEST wrapped item I have ever received from my on-line purchases!!! Big props to Darran & Misty! AND, anyone that loves original Star Wars goods should be very jealous because this lil’ guy is absolutely pristine – not only for it’s age but in general!!”

   I live to make people’s day with good service and a good product ^_^