The Shows that, Currently, Drive Quantum Multiverse.

   So here at Quantum Multiverse, as you might have discovered, we are geeks. As geeks we partake in geek media. No surprises there 😉 This is just a list of current shows, TV-YouTube-Netflix-Amazon Prime-ETC, that keep us going. There are movies, audio books/plays, Podcasts (& SMODcasts), Comics, Blog posts, Books, Toys, Games, and what-not that are also a factor. I may get to breaking those down at some point but this is a simple and easily digested post and a good place to begin.

Quantum Multiverse on FaceBook | #Geek #Blogging

Doctor Strange & Dr. Fate by uncannyknack via DeviantArt
Doctor Strange & Dr. Fate by uncannyknack via DeviantArt / Doc Strange Fate by me.

   With my schedule as it is, very busy, and the sheer amount of geek news flooding the inter-webs, I created a FaceBook page. This serves two purposes. The first is to allow me easier access to posting news and updates directly from my phone on my breaks, or wherever I happen to be, and the second is to compliment this blog. On the FaceBook page I post things that I won’t be able to post here, so it’s like another weapon on my nerd arsenal. Connect with the site here and at

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851579_229801833835099_1670506868_n   Please join me over on FaceBook. From comics to games to movies & TV and anything in between, if it is geek I share it. I post a lot of things there that I don’t have the time to talk about here. Come and share your geekness with me. I am not looking for a ton of “likes”, I am looking for quality interactions over quantity followers 🙂

   Live Long, Prosper, and may the Force be with you.

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T-Shirt Tuesday… Back and Earlier than Advertised!

   This is a segment that I used to do every Tuesday here called “T-Shirt Tuesday”. I fell out of the habit of posting them but now it feels like a time for a come-back. These are shirts that I would proudly wear, but not ones that I’ve designed. Posting my own designs for T.S.T. would be a bit too much 😉 This week I’ll be posting a few at a time instead of just the one shirt and link. Simply Click the Image to be taken to the shirt’s origin page.

   So, with no further a-do I re-bring you… T-SHIRT TUESDAY! (one day early).

DL-44 Works Every Time by DC Visual Arts
DL-44 Works Every Time by DC Visual Arts
Return of the Falcon by DC Visual Arts
Return of the Falcon by DC Visual Arts
Are These the Droids You're Looking For?
Are These the Droids You’re Looking For?

Quantum Multiverse on FaceBook

   So I went ahead and created a FaceBook page for the site. It seems a bit redundant but it will be something new for me to play with 😉 Check it out here: