That time Superman became the Flash…

Action Comics 314, by the Superior Curt Swan.

   Check out this awesome post from the blog of Dial-B-For-Blog about this story by Edwin Hamilton from Action Comics number 314. Drawn by Curt Swan, this is a fantastical tale from DC comic’s technicolor Silver Age. They really don’t make them like this anymore, and I doubt if they could or even that it would be acceptable by today’s standards.

   Visit Dial-B-For-Blog’s post here: I was reminded of the awesome tale by Thomas Perkins, @TNPerkins4 on Twitter, this morning. Swing over and check out his awesome artistic skills.

Flash: Zoom Theory 2.0


   Just a quick note on a theory that I postulated on Twitter two weeks ago to John Rocha. What if Zoom is the speed force made manifest? What’s more, what if it is specifically Jay Garrick’s speed force? It would make sense, both from a story telling point of view and as a point of logic as to what is happening to Jay.