Han Shot First…

… and that’s why he’s in such big trouble 😉


   This came about when I came up with an off the cuff hashtag, #GreedoWasMurdered, in response to a friend’s “#HanShotFirst” tweet. This could have been a thing, from a certain point of view.

   I could have done better, or even signed it, but I was having too much fun to take it slow. I lowered Han’s brow a bit and adjusted Greedo’s mouth along with enlarging his eyes. Fun stuff ^_^

Happy Force Friday

000b0e00-630   [via StarWars.com] September 4, a.k.a. Force Friday — the highly-anticipated midnight release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys, collectibles, gadgets, and more — is almost here. It will be the world’s first chance to own official product celebrating the next installment of the Star Wars saga, and several retailers have, to quote Admiral Piett, “something special planned.” Check out StarWars.com’s special event guide below and may the Force (Friday) be with you!

Now THIS IS Star Wars!

Featured Image SW-TFA

“Chewie, we’re home.” Indeed.

It’s 1977, and I am Seven again.

Just for that feeling, thank you I do, J.J. 🙂

Star Wars / Lucasfilm Movie Timeline?

via @ComiConverse : https://twitter.com/ComiConverse

Geeky Decoupage Project for the Day.

   My wife and I had some old comics that were more fit for recycling than collecting. We recently discovered @JenniferLanda’s video on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqe2-hndN8I, and it inspired us. I found some old comic book advertisements in some 1978 comics, placed them on a an 8×10 mini mounted canvas and came up with a fun Decoupage. My wife took an over-sized issue of Star Wars #1 (NOT my near mint copy!) and came up with a 20¼x16¼ collage, soon to be decoupaged, piece of awesomeness. For a while we’ve really wanted to get into crafting more stuff for our Etsy shop ,https://www.etsy.com/shop/DarranAndMistysShop, and this just seemed like the perfect addition. It allows us to rescue/re-use/re-purpose old comics, plus gives us another outlet to exercise our creativity.

   Here are a few that we have done so far: