#StarWars #Rebels show up at #ToyFair 2014


   So you’ve probably already seen the photos circulating around the myriad of Geek sites out there. If not, here are a few at News-A-Rama. This one spoke volumes to me. This is right out of the Empire Strikes Back Sketch book from 1980. There are so many awesome and unused designs from that book that could show up in the new show and that excites me. It even appears that Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept for Chewbacca will be used as another alien race.

   The fact that they are pulling from three sources for design inspiration is awesome and I, for one, cannot wait until this Summer when the show premieres. 

Star Wars Lot of 18 Vintage 5 Modern Action Figures + Case & More

d.hight on eBay

Star Wars Lot of 18 Vintage 5 Modern Kenner Action Figures Case More | eBay.

   Do you ever buy a few lots of action figures just to get one or two of them? What do you do with the rest? Well I am re-selling these guys.

   They come from multiple lots I’ve purchased over the years. They are of varying quality and eras. There are 18 vintage Kenner figures. 2 figures from the 1990’s Power of the Force line and three more modern figures from Hasbro. I have taken some close-up, detailed photos of the more damaged figures. The case, at first glance, is in good condition, but there are some damaged points around the creased areas which is normal on these things… I have 5 now. There is a booklet “wish book” from Empire Strikes Back that has been marked in. The accessories that are included come from the vintage through the modern eras as well. 

Some of the highlights of this lot:
1. While the Luke and Vader figures are pretty poor (Luke’s face & Vader’s “neck brace”) they do have their light-sabers even though they are both tip-less.
2. Skiff Guard Lando has NO COO and is in pretty nice condition.
3. The “Wish booklet” is an awesome stroll down memory lane.
4. Force Spirit Obi-Wan Kenobi is pretty cool.

RotJ: Awesome find!


Star Wars Vintage Huffy ROTJ Ride on Speeder Bike Pedal Car | eBay.

   How cool is this this? I’m not to sure about the $2,000.00 price tag but it is worth a few Imperial credits for sure. I would mount this on the front of my car and have my wife drive me around for hours 😉

Nuff’ said.