Leonard Nimoy’s “In Search Of”

   In this, the 14th episode of the 6th season, Mr. Nimoy explores the Futurist Lifestyle. Titled “Future Life“, it’s one of the handful of episodes that actually tackles ideas that have a concrete concepts. While I have fond and frightening memories of “In Search Of“, it had very little to do with exploring evidence. It mostly dealt with legend, myth, hearsay, and superstition. All while addressing each as though they could be a reality. As an adult, I look back on these few episodes that stood on firm logic, and reason, with a new appreciation.

sA3DM-03-West Crescent from Foundry Apse

Nimoy: One Year Later


   Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. As I sit here and reflect on his death, I find myself remembering how empty I felt on the 27th or 2015. The logical conclusion of life is death. While my rational mind understands, that part of me that is what it means to be human, still grapples with the loss. As we grow older, increasingly, we deal with that sense of loss. Unlike others, I don’t believe that one day I will be reunited with all those who have gone before. I grieve, I move on, always remembering the best times and the lessons. To me, this is logical. Join me this weekend in remembering Mr. Nimoy. The roles he portrayed, the art he made, the lessons he taught. Remember his contributions to humanity. Also, take some time to recall others you’ve lost, and smile for they are not truly gone as long as we Remember.

   Until next time, Live Long, Prosper, and May the Force be with You.