The Shows that, Currently, Drive Quantum Multiverse.

   So here at Quantum Multiverse, as you might have discovered, we are geeks. As geeks we partake in geek media. No surprises there 😉 This is just a list of current shows, TV-YouTube-Netflix-Amazon Prime-ETC, that keep us going. There are movies, audio books/plays, Podcasts (& SMODcasts), Comics, Blog posts, Books, Toys, Games, and what-not that are also a factor. I may get to breaking those down at some point but this is a simple and easily digested post and a good place to begin.

Avatar: #LegendOfKorra Book Three, a Must Watch

   If you are not watching Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Book Three, then you are missing out on something very special. This one delivers what the first two books didn’t. The first two were great and they kept you coming back for more. Book Three gives us more solid ties back to The Last Airbender. We learn that Toph is still alive and wandering the world, we see Zuko back in action and we learn there is more to being an Airbender than just having a shaved head and blue arrow tattoos. Each book is a window into the past but this window seems to be open and letting more in than before. We watched Avatar Ang grow up in The Last Airbender and it was a fun and very kid friendly show, The Legend of Korra is a little more sophisticated and intense. Watch Avatar: The Legend of Korra every Friday night on Nickelodeon. Once again, if you are like me then you will need to find other avenues to watch the show.