Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo on TMNT


   Today on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Usagi Yojimbo is featured. This tickles me beyond all feathers! Not only is he the main character, the story is done in a VERY Kurosawa style, AND written by Stan Sakai the creator of Usagi. I’ve always enjoyed the Usagi stories in the comics, and whenever he was brought into any incarnation of the TMNT, but this one is very special. It’s on Google Play right now. Check it out for yourself.

   The ending is incredible ✌😉

The Last Ninja (1983)

   Apart from a few of the more sensationalistic moments of the film, and the trope of a caucasian male inheriting the “power” of the Ninja, this is a pretty good film. It modernizes traditional training, endurance training. It has Mako, what else could you ask for 😉

   There wasn’t any training in any of the Ryuha on screen, but they captured the essence of the Shinobi in a small way. I grew up as a Ninja fan, heck it was my gateway into the martial world in the mid 80’s. I won’t bore you with the names and detail, but it was a fun ride. In 2010, I finally found a teacher of the Bujinkan’s (武神館) 9 schools. Long story short, after  25 years of training, I finally found my home in Budo Taijutsu. Three years later, I had my Shodan license, and I still know very little.

   Watch the movie and enjoy!

Turtle Power (2014)

 pizza-gyoza  This is a wonderful documentary on the full history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s a great, and informative, watch. You can’t beat the rental price of $2.99 either. I was onboard the TMNT train back in 84, when I discovered the 2nd printing of issue number one at my favorite comic book shop, Comics & Comix, in Citrus Heights, California.

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#SDCC2015: Toy and Collectible Comic-Con Exclusives!


#SDCC2015: Toy and Collectible Comic-Con Exclusives!

10 Stealthy & Dangerous Ninja Tools

1422529431-2   I am not sure, as a Bujinkan member, of the validity of a few of these but the rest are dead-on ningu (tools) that the people of Iga and Koga would utilize. These are people who thought outside of the box so it would surprise me if they were all, indeed, factual.

Ninpo Ikkan!



Growing up in the 90s, I was raised with the notion that ninja were teenage turtles, silent assassins or similar to the characters in Naruto. As much as we’d like to believe these were the reality, according to an interesting article from Listverse, the ninja that actually roamed the streets and castles as spies and assassins were humans who didn’t always dress in black (apparently they wore dark blue), and they didn’t regularly use the famous weapons we know so well.

So, if they weren’t using shuriken and long swords all of the time, what did they use? Researchers have been investigating the ancient style for decades and have uncovered some pretty amazing and ingenious items that you would never even dream of. There are probably thousands of ninja tools and techniques out there, but we’ll just focus on the few that Listverse brought into the open.

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50 Greatest X-Men Stories on CBR

X-Men by John Byrne, digitally inked & colored by yours truly
X-Men by John Byrne, digitally inked & colored by yours truly

   Over on CBR they have the 50 greatest X-Men Stories of all time. It is a great list and as an X-Men fan from way back in the 70’s there are some that I agree with and others that I don’t. No two Geeks can agree on all geek things. May favorite x tale of all time, not counting just about every issue of John Byrne’s run on the title, has to be Jim Lee’s and Chris Claremont’s issue number 268. This issue recounts Logan’s first meeting with Steve Rogers in the Summer of 1941, shortly after he became a Super Soldier. It also features a little girl named Natasha, who became the Black Widow. She was amazingly preserved for age, even at that time. This was a pre-Weapon X Logan and the story contained a ton of Hand Ninja. As far as an early 90’s book went, it was great.

TMNT Shell Backpack with Weapons and Masks

   This exists! I must have it 😀

The Wolverine slashes his way to top of US box office?

BBC News – The Wolverine slashes his way to top of US box office.

   So, according to BBC News, The Wolverine made it to the top this past weekend. I am really not surprised. This is another sort of non-news type of report. “WOW, something that Geeks are hyper excited about does well! News at eleven for even more details about nothing…”.

   I went to a little mixer at my oldest friends house on Saturday and he said, after seeing the movie the day before, that it was “decent”. A few more Geeks rolled in and they said it was “alright” and “OK”. I am probably going to wait for it to be offered on Netflix.

   The biggest test of a movie is the second weekend’s box office. Word-of-Mouth has spread and if the buzz is great the movie will do even better. If there is nothing of any significance released on that following weekend and the buzz remains at “decent” too “It was OK” then it may do almost as well as the opening weekend, but just barely.

   Time will tell. This may just be Hugh Jackman’s last go as Logan and I am fine with that. I would love for them to actually cast the part properly and bring him into the Marvel Studio Universe. I’ve liked Hugh’s portrayal in the first two X-Men films. He did well, but let’s face facts. Wolverine ages very slowly and Hugh doesn’t. By this time next week we should know if Mr. Jackman has yet another curtain call as the Wolverine in his future. I am thinking not so much.

   All of that being said, I can’t wait to see this on Netflix 🙂