Wonder Woman (2017)


So, apparently, all I do now is repost posters. So be it 😊 This one is an awesome piece. Can’t wait for Diana of Themyscira to make her solo debut next year.

Vintage Collection: Ultraman | ウルトラマン Family Poster Set (circa 1970’s)

IMAG2887   Back in the early 80’s, 1981-ish, I had a “friend”. Well I thought he was a friend. I was more his friend than he was mine. That is either here nor there. He let me borrow this awesome poster set while he borrowed a prized comic book of mine. It was a Captain America that I had picked up from 7-11 the week before. It was drawn by one of my favorite artists, John Byrne. Many times I attempted to make contact with this kid, but he had moved away. He stayed in contact with a few others I knew but blew me off.

   In hindsight, I got the better part of the deal, obviously. Heck, I replaced that copy of Captain America vol. 1 #254. Couple that with what I am about to share, well I think I came out on top. I don’t know a lot about the set but it features the Ultraman Family up to that point in time. It also shows a ton of the monsters (kaiju) that they fought.

   With no further ado, I present to you the ultimate Henshin Heroes (no offense, Kamen Riders), Tsuburya’s very own…

ULTRAMAN, err men, errrrr people.


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Doctor Who Tom Baker Poster by There & Back Again on Etsy

Doctor Who Tom Baker Poster by There & Back Again on Etsy

Doctor Who, Tom Baker close-up poster. This poster been long out of production. The poster measures 17″ x 23″. Tom Baker is “My Doctor”. The top left corner edge is buggered up just a tad bit but over all the whole poster is in wonderful condition and has never been used and has been stored, rolled up, in a tube.

X-Men in Stained Glass

X-Men Stained Glass

   Esty seller, FayProductions, is offering these awesome stained glass posters. This one measures about 15×10 and costs $25.00. I love the style and, of course, the subject matter. At some point I will be picking up one of these awesome pieces for myself. There is a bit of a wait time on the shipping since the posters need to dry and then they don’t ship on any other day be Saturday. There are other super teams and characters to choose from.

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