Our Vintage Star Wars Collection

Our Star Wars, most vintage… well over half of it. Click the image for more on our Facebook page.

Now THIS IS Star Wars!

Featured Image SW-TFA

“Chewie, we’re home.” Indeed.

It’s 1977, and I am Seven again.

Just for that feeling, thank you I do, J.J. 🙂

An Art Style From A Long Time Ago, Meets A Galaxy Far, Far Away

   These limited edition, fully licensed, woodblock prints were designed by artist Masami Ishikawa, engraved by master engravers, and hand printed by a master printer.

T-Shirt Tuesday… Back and Earlier than Advertised!

   This is a segment that I used to do every Tuesday here called “T-Shirt Tuesday”. I fell out of the habit of posting them but now it feels like a time for a come-back. These are shirts that I would proudly wear, but not ones that I’ve designed. Posting my own designs for T.S.T. would be a bit too much 😉 This week I’ll be posting a few at a time instead of just the one shirt and link. Simply Click the Image to be taken to the shirt’s origin page.

   So, with no further a-do I re-bring you… T-SHIRT TUESDAY! (one day early).

DL-44 Works Every Time by DC Visual Arts
DL-44 Works Every Time by DC Visual Arts
Return of the Falcon by DC Visual Arts
Return of the Falcon by DC Visual Arts
Are These the Droids You're Looking For?
Are These the Droids You’re Looking For?

Rebuilding My Collection / Mid-life Regression?

   So here I am 45, as of the 3rd of May 2015, and I am just on the cusp of becoming gainfully employed again. It’s been a while since I had a regular job, but the contract stuff and selling online is just getting us by. Once I re-enter the 9-5 world, after 20 years, I plan on replacing/upgrading many things (car, appliances, computers) and rebuilding the collecting that had dwindled over the years. Presented here is what we have left, that isn’t up for sale. Some is my wife’s, others are mine, and some we’ve collected together. The best thing about collecting again is that, if needed, I can always flip my stuff for more than I paid and start over again.

   If you want to see what I would like to add to my collection, so far, then check out my collection list on eBay: My 45 Year Wish List! Misty’s will be building her list soon.

   Check out what we’ve sold on Etsy and Ebay in our Facebook page Gallery: There and Back Again 1977 ~ Albums

Crazy Ebay Listing: Vintage Star Wars Figures, 1977 Set w/Original Mailing Box and Fliers

You be the judge...
You be the judge…

Original Kenner Figures: They are still out there…



   Last Sunday I went down to my local Swap-Meet and found these guys waiting to come home with me. They are not in the best shape but I never pass up these vintage figures (unless somebody over charges for them) when I find them. Luke’s face is mangled and R2 is in bad condition. The only bonus with Luke is that he has a lightsaber, all be it tip-less  and his body is in great condition. I believe the R2 is an “Early Bird” version (darker blue on the dome). Lando is incomplete but in nice condition… he also has no COO (Country Of Origin) stamped on him. I believe that this is my first figure with no COO 🙂

   Occasional finds like this keep me going. I also found a 1995 Gamorean Guard, no ax  but he was unavailable for this photo due to scheduling issues. He is currently guard one of my, personal, Star Wars shelves.

   May the 4th be with you!