Impossible Physics: Meet NASA’s Design for a Warp Drive Ship


   Warp drive would allow us to travel 10 times faster than the speed of light without actually breaking the speed of light – however, most scientists think that the technology will never actually work. Despite this, NASA has released designs for a faster-than-light ship that uses the hypothetical tech.

Source: Impossible Physics: Meet NASA’s Design for a Warp Drive Ship

   I so wish this would become a reality within my lifetime. Alas, we are to bogged down in childish superstitions and petty differences. We have so many hurdles until we reach for the stars in person. Let’s hope that we can get over ourselves and take another giant step for humanity.

A Company in #Japan Just Broke the World Record for #Solar Panel Efficiency

A team from the Japanese company Kaneko has recently announced breaking the efficiency record of solar panels — which now stands at 26.6 percent.

Source: A Company in Japan Just Broke the World Record for Solar Panel Efficiency

Leonard Nimoy’s “In Search Of”

   In this, the 14th episode of the 6th season, Mr. Nimoy explores the Futurist Lifestyle. Titled “Future Life“, it’s one of the handful of episodes that actually tackles ideas that have a concrete concepts. While I have fond and frightening memories of “In Search Of“, it had very little to do with exploring evidence. It mostly dealt with legend, myth, hearsay, and superstition. All while addressing each as though they could be a reality. As an adult, I look back on these few episodes that stood on firm logic, and reason, with a new appreciation.

sA3DM-03-West Crescent from Foundry Apse

Light Sabers, a Reality? #Science!

Time to Jedi Up!
Time to Jedi Up!

   Pardon me… I have something in my eye. No, I’m not crying. Well not much anyway. I am just so happy right now 😉 Check out the original article over at Gizmodo: Scientists discover a way to make real life lightsabers Yeah, sure, I realize that we are light years away from having those “elegant weapons from a more civilized age” but this is still pretty exciting!