The Shows that, Currently, Drive Quantum Multiverse.

   So here at Quantum Multiverse, as you might have discovered, we are geeks. As geeks we partake in geek media. No surprises there 😉 This is just a list of current shows, TV-YouTube-Netflix-Amazon Prime-ETC, that keep us going. There are movies, audio books/plays, Podcasts (& SMODcasts), Comics, Blog posts, Books, Toys, Games, and what-not that are also a factor. I may get to breaking those down at some point but this is a simple and easily digested post and a good place to begin.


Stargate is getting rebooted into a new movie trilogy

Stargate is getting rebooted into a new movie trilogy

M E H .

   The movie was good. The first TV series was fun! The second was canceled too soon. The other series… meh (again). MGM, make a few more TV movies with the SG1/Atlantis teams and then let it go with dignity.