Vintage Ads, Sometimes VERY Inappropriate

You’ve come a long way indeed… only if you don’r inhale garbage.

If you want to be biologically superior, then you¬†better take care of your biology. Just saying ūüėČ

A Super Gift from my Super Wife


¬† ¬†Today, my wife surprised me with this awesome gift. She had purchased the graphic from a second hand store. It used to be a T-Shirt. I love how she constructed the background. It makes the 21×16¬†inch¬†piece pop. It made my already good day ūüėć

Supergirl on CBS is Sci-Fi Fun! All of a sudden Mondays don’t seem so bad any more.


¬† ¬†Supergirl is a lighthearted, good time.¬†Melissa Benoist¬†is awesome at playing a quirky, sometimes dorky and awkward Kara Danvers. The scope of the show seems a bit small at times but I am betting that once the popularity of it increases, so too with the budget. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Kara next week ūüôā

¬† ¬†All of a sudden Mondays don’t seem so bad any more.

Super President? I thought I had Seen It All…

   If you are looking for a political rant, move along, nothing like that here. I gave up politics, along with religion & superstition, a long time ago. No THIS is Far, far worse my friends.


suppres1¬† ¬†YouTube is a hell of a site. You can find all sorts of interesting and frightening things on there. Today I found a show called “Super President”. ¬†Wait. What? “Super PRESIDENT”? WTF?

This had to be a fake. A cleverly rendered retro project by some brilliant animation artist. Alas it is not. This show was an actual thing. I was shocked that I had never heard of it before. Not that I am a Know-It-All, but I am well versed in completely USELESS knowledge and being familiar with this show would rank right up there with that level of pointlessness.

600full-super-president-screenshot¬† ¬†Produced by the DePatie-Freleng animation company, “Super President” aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September, 1967 to December, 1968. It was voiced by Paul Frees as ¬†and the American President, James Norcross, who gained superpowers in a Cosmic Storm. Along with super strength he gained the ability to change his molecular structure into any substance he wishes (i.e. Acid, Metal, etc…).

¬† ¬†Ummm… yeah. Well, it was very fun to make fun of, so there is that ūüėČ

¬† ¬†Watch an episode for yourself. Continue reading “Super President? I thought I had Seen It All…”