A Super Gift from my Super Wife


   Today, my wife surprised me with this awesome gift. She had purchased the graphic from a second hand store. It used to be a T-Shirt. I love how she constructed the background. It makes the 21×16 inch piece pop. It made my already good day 😍

Super President? I thought I had Seen It All…

   If you are looking for a political rant, move along, nothing like that here. I gave up politics, along with religion & superstition, a long time ago. No THIS is Far, far worse my friends.


suppres1   YouTube is a hell of a site. You can find all sorts of interesting and frightening things on there. Today I found a show called “Super President”.  Wait. What? “Super PRESIDENT”? WTF?

This had to be a fake. A cleverly rendered retro project by some brilliant animation artist. Alas it is not. This show was an actual thing. I was shocked that I had never heard of it before. Not that I am a Know-It-All, but I am well versed in completely USELESS knowledge and being familiar with this show would rank right up there with that level of pointlessness.

600full-super-president-screenshot   Produced by the DePatie-Freleng animation company, “Super President” aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September, 1967 to December, 1968. It was voiced by Paul Frees as  and the American President, James Norcross, who gained superpowers in a Cosmic Storm. Along with super strength he gained the ability to change his molecular structure into any substance he wishes (i.e. Acid, Metal, etc…).

   Ummm… yeah. Well, it was very fun to make fun of, so there is that 😉

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Gallery: Superheroes Done Right

   So there I was, again, searching through random image on Google when I came up with the idea to do a post about the WORST attempts at live action Superhero shows ever. Well, I found several lists along with images and the world has enough negative posts about everything.

   I decided to post a few images of, what I feel to be, the best executions of  superhero(ish) characters to make it to the small screen. I won’t list (Green) Arrow, the Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or the bad-assness of Dare Devil, since they all go without saying that they are some of the best shows to date based on comic book material. So without further ado I bring you, in no particular order, my favorite heroes that can be found on television.

First look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s “Ultimate” Superhero Showdown

This Week's Cover: First look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's ultimate superhero showdown
This Week’s Cover: First look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s ultimate superhero showdown

   I know that I am tardy to the party, but real life can be a bitch. That being said, this cover to Entertainment Weekly gives us a new look at the DC Trinity in non-washed out color. I mean wow… look at all of the color! Wonder Woman looks, well, wonderful. She could use a bit more bulk but she looks really good. Batman still looks more “emo” than stoic and Superman looks sort of smug. If the movie actually gives us a bit of this color, I would be more interested in watching it. Nothing against Snyder’s vision but it is way to dark and dingy.

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Geeky Decoupage Project for the Day.

   My wife and I had some old comics that were more fit for recycling than collecting. We recently discovered @JenniferLanda’s video on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqe2-hndN8I, and it inspired us. I found some old comic book advertisements in some 1978 comics, placed them on a an 8×10 mini mounted canvas and came up with a fun Decoupage. My wife took an over-sized issue of Star Wars #1 (NOT my near mint copy!) and came up with a 20¼x16¼ collage, soon to be decoupaged, piece of awesomeness. For a while we’ve really wanted to get into crafting more stuff for our Etsy shop ,https://www.etsy.com/shop/DarranAndMistysShop, and this just seemed like the perfect addition. It allows us to rescue/re-use/re-purpose old comics, plus gives us another outlet to exercise our creativity.

   Here are a few that we have done so far:

On io9 @RobBricken asks “Why Are #Superhero Movies So Much Better Than Superhero Comics?”

superheroes-404_778998c   So this morning Rob Bricken, formerly of the awesome Topless Robot now blogger extraordinaire on io9.com, ask a pretty poignant question. “Why Are Superhero Movies So Much Better Than Superhero Comics?”

The sort answer is, Continuity Baggage.

   Mini Series (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Secret Wars), One Shots/Micro Series (Elseworlds, What-Ifs, Company Cross-Overs, Raphael, Etc) and cohesive story arcs (Fall of the Mutants, Hush, Etc) make the best comic book stories.

   Comic book series that are older than 10 years, let alone 50 or 70 years, have more baggage than your average family. They are like hyper compressed soap operas. Different writers, editors, and artists all have their own take on which direction the title will take. One can only put up with so many alien invasions or deaths and their subsequent returns. One of the most interested Uncanny X-Men issues dealt with the team having a dinner together. Yes, a dinner. It was cool because it was different. Was it original? No. Seinfeld had already had an episode centered around waiting for a meal at a Chinese restaurant by that point and it was sort of the same idea. If you still read comics on a regular basis you need to suspend your sense of “I’ve seen this before” and just keep reading until their is an interesting plot twist.

   Movies boil that baggage off and create a stand-alone story that is enjoyable (depending on who you ask) by fans and people who never cracked a comic book open as an adult.

#JLA – Year One vs. the Founding #Avengers

#JLA - Year One vs. the Founding #Avengers

   This afternoon I imaged surfed into this fight. My only issue is Hal Jordan’s (Green Lantern) costume isn’t correct for the era. Minor detail… or is it a major nerd geek-tail? Either way this awesomely epic image is epic and was done in 2001 but I cannot seem to make out the artist’s name.


CW to Bring Hourman to the Small Screen

   Not that I have a lack of faith in WB/CW new ability to bring quality super heroes to TV but Hourman? Hourman is not the property I would have chosen to expand the DC Universe’s foot hold in America’s living rooms each week. I think it is safe to say that Hourman will have one ability and it won’t be granted via a pill that he takes. That power will be the ability to see an hour into the future. Super speed and super strength will not be touched, that can be almost guaranteed. If they make the character out to be a legacy hero, like the son of the original Hourman then I would be cool with him having one power. Otherwise I would view this in the same vein as the old Fox show, Mutant X… a show that has nothing to do with its original concepts.