Star Wars: There Has Been a Re-Awakening


   I am not a huge fan of crowds, for a few reasons, so I wanted to wait to see the newest episode of the Star Wars saga. Apart from people walking in front of us, crinkling chip bags/candy wrappers, and random coughing throughout the theater… we loved the movie. Surprisingly, we had been able to steer clear of “spoilers”. It meant that there was no watching of Collider’s Jedi Council, Popcorn Talk’s Jedi Alliance, and my favorite podcast Force Center Pod’s Spotlight Star Wars. Those programs have been a constant companion in my world and they had been missed.

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How Did You Spend Life Day?


   While most of the world, and even geekdom, just spends November 17th like it would any other day, I enjoy the gift of Star Wars. The magic and wonder that was instilled in me back in May of 1977 hasn’t faded. There are many dates that we can celebrate the galaxy, far, far away, and I do celebrate the 4th of May along with the anniversaries. It is silly? Sure. Is made up foolishness? Yep, but so is EVERYTHING else that doesn’t involve natural means (sleep, eat, etc…). I don’t apologize for enjoying what I enjoy and how I choose to enjoy it. Star Wars is something I celebrate every day, but it gets special focus on certain days of the year. November 17th is one of those days.


   Did I watch the Holiday Special? No, I just didn’t have enough time. My day included listening to some awesome podcasts, a great Taco Tuesday at work, spending time with my family (my lovely wife, little dog, bird & rabbit) and sharing my love of Star Wars. How did you spend Life Day?


   We are less than one month out of the continuation of the saga. Are you ready for The Force Awakens? Yet another cause to celebrate 😉

#StarWars: Finn Puzzle on Amazon, NOT a Spoiler


   Is there a chance that Amazon spoiled Finn’s family name? I don’t think so. It seems like an assumption by the poster of that item. The poster is an individual seller on Amazon and NOT Amazon itself. If Lando is of African descent and Finn is of African descent then they MUST be related. Short of tossing around the word “racist”, I’ll just call this one plain ignorant. [sigh]

   Another piece of evidence pointing at the poster’s ignorance is that they use the word RARE.

   Look, this person could be correct. I’ll give that to them, but the chances of that are very low. Would it be cool if Finn was the son, or grandson, of Lando? Sure! Personally I would rather that Billy Dee Williams, himself, appear in the film. It’s more likely that this is either wishful thinking, ignorant marketing, or somebody out to troll the internet. If it is the later then they have succeeded.

   Keep it simple my friends. Don’t over react and the Force will be with you ^_^

Star Wars: There’s a NEW Force Awakens Trailer in Town.

スター・ウォーズ/フォースの覚醒 トップ
スター・ウォーズ/フォースの覚醒 トップ

   So this morning I woke up early to a new trailer dropping on the internet. The title said “International” but it is from Japan. I guess that makes it “international” but I’ll call it Japanese. That is neither here nor there. This trailer has new footage. Not a lot but just enough to keep watching it as much as the last.

   I am posting the original link to the video since it is the official Star Wars Japan site and that won’t be susceptible to removal by lawyers and such. Click the image above and enjoy.

   Oh, and May The Force Be With You ^_^