It’s All Coming Back to You…


   So for a few months, Boomerang has been advertising their subscription streaming service. I was interested, but they didn’t include casting options and that was a deal breaker for me. Today I checked back and imagine my surprise when their FAQ stated that they now include casting. I use Google Cast so I don’t have to rely on my devices to view content. For those who don’t know, we cut our ties to cable/satellite TV long ago, and haven’t looked back.

   On to the shows… While I won’t go into many specific shows that they carry, I will say that access to Atom Ant, Magilla Gorilla, Wacky Races, the Looney Tunes Show, and a few more sold us on subscribing to the service. I can’t wait to see if they add shows like Galtar, Dynomutt Dog Wonder, or Laff-a-Lympics. If you sign up for a year the service only costs $3.33 a month. There’s no way we could pass that up.

My wife, and I, have been watching a few episodes and having a blast. It’s worth the money, by far. Check it out for yourself 👉🏽


Super President? I thought I had Seen It All…

   If you are looking for a political rant, move along, nothing like that here. I gave up politics, along with religion & superstition, a long time ago. No THIS is Far, far worse my friends.


suppres1   YouTube is a hell of a site. You can find all sorts of interesting and frightening things on there. Today I found a show called “Super President”.  Wait. What? “Super PRESIDENT”? WTF?

This had to be a fake. A cleverly rendered retro project by some brilliant animation artist. Alas it is not. This show was an actual thing. I was shocked that I had never heard of it before. Not that I am a Know-It-All, but I am well versed in completely USELESS knowledge and being familiar with this show would rank right up there with that level of pointlessness.

600full-super-president-screenshot   Produced by the DePatie-Freleng animation company, “Super President” aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September, 1967 to December, 1968. It was voiced by Paul Frees as  and the American President, James Norcross, who gained superpowers in a Cosmic Storm. Along with super strength he gained the ability to change his molecular structure into any substance he wishes (i.e. Acid, Metal, etc…).

   Ummm… yeah. Well, it was very fun to make fun of, so there is that 😉

   Watch an episode for yourself. Continue reading “Super President? I thought I had Seen It All…”