One Sword, One christmas, Many Memories

SST Lazer Sword.  Manufactured by Super Sonic Toys of L.A. Calif.  This was the competitor of the Star Wars Lightsaber
SST Lazer Sword. Manufactured by Super Sonic Toys of L.A. Calif. This was the competitor of the Star Wars Lightsaber

   So picture this… it’s christmas 1977. I am 7 years, 7 months old. My future wife, Misty, is 5 months old. Star Wars is still the number one subject on my mind. It was a dark time in the world of Star Wars. There were many items to read, look at and listen to, but toys were nowhere to be found. The closest thing to toys were models and paper crafting books.

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100 Pieces Toy Soldiers, Tiny Blasts from the Past.

fighting-ships   I loved these ads when I was a child. Although I never actually received any of these sets, I did love the idea of so many pieces in each set. My Father told me that he once saved up and ordered some of the same set when he was a boy and they were all just thin pieces of stamped plastic that came in a small box. He said I would have just been disappointed… he was right. Coming from an age of three dimensional plastic army men, tanks and jeeps, I would have been very disappointed. The set from my era seem to have a bit more “meat” to them but still a bit to thin for what I envisioned. Check this post over on Doug’s Soldiers for more on this style of toy.


The Vintage Toy Advertiser

Toy Soldiers (or Army Men) typically measured around 5 cm (2 inches) in height and were moulded in green, brown or grey solid plastic. The figures came in various combat and strategy poses with vehicles and accessories (often of a smaller scaller to the soldiers) sometimes bundled into sets. As well as military soldiers some other figures available were cowboys and Indians, knights and space figures.

US. Ghostly Haunts. 1974. US. Ghostly Haunts. 1974. Lucky Products ad.

US. Weird War Tales. 1978. This variant of the Lucky Products ad appeared four years later and shows a price increase as well as change of address. US. Weird War Tales. 1978. This variant of the Lucky Products ad appeared four years later and shows a price increase as well as change of address.

The footlocker versions as seen above were probably only available via mail order. At the cheap end of  the spectrum these soldiers were often sold in stores in clear bags with an illustrated cardboard header. Companies such as Louis Marx, MPC and Airfix offered a more expensive range that covered…

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My Vintage Kenner Millenium Falcon on Ebay!

My Vintage Kenner Millenium Falcon on Ebay!

   My vintage, Kenner (1979) Millenium Falcon is on the block and has one day, six hours left. The bidding is low because I only started her out at $14.99 to create some buzz. The shipping is set at $18.13 because that is exactly what it would cost us to ship it, according to

  • The majority of the decals are there.
  • The landing struts are all stable.
  • The Jedi Remote Ball is included.
  • The original instruction sheet is included.
  • The Cockpit “hinge” is still in one piece and shows no cracking.
  • Original Box.

   I have been dragging my feet on selling the piece but our upcoming move demands that I do so. So here she is, in all of her glory. She will be missed. We’ll always have the Kessel Run, sweetheart.

The One Thing I want from Comic-Con…


   This is a 6-inch Boba Fett action figure from the new Star Wars Black Series. He comes with two weapons,  jet pack AND Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. Hasbro is supposed to be offering these for a limited time on their website after the event ends so I hope that I can get one for under $50.00!

Update: 0917 hrs 18.July.2013

   Check out some of the offers already up on eBay for these. I didn’t pay any attention to the “pre-release” bidding over the last few months. I’ll only pre-order stuff from an actual store that will guarantee that it will have the items in stock.

Star Wars Lot of 18 Vintage 5 Modern Action Figures + Case & More

d.hight on eBay

Star Wars Lot of 18 Vintage 5 Modern Kenner Action Figures Case More | eBay.

   Do you ever buy a few lots of action figures just to get one or two of them? What do you do with the rest? Well I am re-selling these guys.

   They come from multiple lots I’ve purchased over the years. They are of varying quality and eras. There are 18 vintage Kenner figures. 2 figures from the 1990’s Power of the Force line and three more modern figures from Hasbro. I have taken some close-up, detailed photos of the more damaged figures. The case, at first glance, is in good condition, but there are some damaged points around the creased areas which is normal on these things… I have 5 now. There is a booklet “wish book” from Empire Strikes Back that has been marked in. The accessories that are included come from the vintage through the modern eras as well. 

Some of the highlights of this lot:
1. While the Luke and Vader figures are pretty poor (Luke’s face & Vader’s “neck brace”) they do have their light-sabers even though they are both tip-less.
2. Skiff Guard Lando has NO COO and is in pretty nice condition.
3. The “Wish booklet” is an awesome stroll down memory lane.
4. Force Spirit Obi-Wan Kenobi is pretty cool.

Shogun Warriors 5″ Dragun / Getter Robo Go

Shogun Warriors 5

sst 2107, #2106 Dragun

This is a second release version of Dragun. It comes complete with two axes. I have two but only one is pictured as the other is sealed in plastic and has been for more than a decade, at the very least. They are both in identically perfect condition.

We have two available 🙂