Rebels ~ Season 03, Episode 01


337x190-q90_97563bfa66fa5d54284b479da725b2b0   If you have not seen it yet, head on over to Disney XD’s website and check out the premiere episode of Rebels. »

My wife and I really enjoyed the evolution of the characters, except Hondo… that guy never changes 😂 Some time has passed since they lost Asoka, and we are thrown right into action. No spoilers here. Click the link and watch it. If you’ve seen it already then watch it again 👍

Star Wars Rebels: May the Fourth (Doctor) Be With You…

   Kanan discovers that things are not always black and white. It’s time to hear from the middle, the Grey. This excites me for more than we will be delving into the philosophy of the many facets of the Force, we will also get to hear from the fourth Doctor… MY Doctor. Tom Baker crosses the genre streams and becomes, what could possibly be, an integral part of Luke Skywalker’s inevitable journey.


   May the Fourth be with us all.


Future Quest Show Us the Future of Great Comics

Future Quest (2016-) 001-002
Future Quest #1 by Jeff Parker, Doc Shaner, and Steve Rude.

  Like many, today, I was treated to an excellent tale. Future Quest has been a book that I’ve been waiting for ever since it was announced. Today was the payoff. Not since I stopped collecting physical comic books in 2006 have I wanted to go to my local shop and pick this book up. I purchased my copy from Comixology, this evening, and finally got around to reading it. It grabbed my attention and never let go. When I was finished, I was begging for more! This book was so good that I plan on picking up a physical copy this week.

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Growing Collection One Year On…


   Wordpress, my blog host, won’t allow certain plugins so hence the screenshot of the gallery link. I may be making some moves in the next few weeks. Earlier this month, I secured my domain name via Google Domains.

Nerd Rage & Geek Entitlement


   How I went from being overly critical about geek properties to a more laid-back, take it as it comes, fan.


   I used to be pretty harsh on TV shows and Films that just didn’t get it “right”. You know, “Captain America” (1990), Thor in “The Incredible Hulk Returns”, “Batman and Robin” (1997), I could go on. These, and other movies / tv shows like them, would be targets for my unyielding hatred. OK, perhaps hatred is a bit too harsh, but I loved to hate on them. Nothing was good enough. Even films like “The Lord of the Rings”, as great as they were, would set me off as to not being accurate enough. This sort of childish behavior went on for years, alright… decades.

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My Top Nine Favorite Sci-Fi TV Creature Races

Honorable Mention: Zygons

   This is a visual top nine list of some of my favorite sci-fi television, recurring, creature races. They may not have been on every week but they were always the threat in the background. I am trying to limit these to characters that were not rendered through stop-motion or computer generation. These are cats in suits, sweating and trying to emote through plastic, foam rubber or heavy make-up. Also, being a child of the 70’s this list will be populated with the earlier versions of these characters even if the modern versions may be technically more visually stunning. Some are written seriously while others are just silly and meant to be.

   At first, this list was just an excuse to post about my number one choice. It was going to be all about the monstrous adversaries on the great series from yesteryear, but quickly grew into something else. The list excludes individual characters, even though individual character photos are used in some cases.

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Archie the TV Show that Never Was.

   Archie (1964)? This pilot was shopped out, but never sold. I just watched it and it wasn’t too bad. It played like Archie was the “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” (a show from the late 1980’s), sans the Dutch Tilts & breaking the fourth wall, of his time. I liked that show and I have fond memories of watching it, even as a 17 year old (which is when it came out).


   Honestly, I can’t remember much of the character. I was into Superheroes, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy in my comics. The characters of Riverdale High limboed far beneath my RADAR.  Most of my knowledge of Archie is from the old cartoon, The Archies, and I have forgotten most of that.

   I imagine that the show was too similar to The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, and since that show came to an end in the previous year there was no point in doing a re-hash or 2.0 version. Sure, they had similarities but they seem to be just different enough to be interesting.

   Anyhow, I have no idea why it was passed up. It seems to be just as entertaining as anything else from that era. I found it on YouTube by accident, and I expected to be making smart ass comments though the whole show… I didn’t. I enjoyed it.

   Don’t take my word for it… check it out for yourself ^_^

   The embedded feature isn’t enabled so head over to YouTube to watch it.

It’s #BatmanDay, Old Chum! How Will You Be Celebrating?


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