Spot On Animation: Justice League Action

   So I was looking for something new to try on Google Play on Thursday night, I found Justice League Action. I was interested when I saw some of the previews before it came out, but not having cable I forgot about it. The price tag was a bit steep for what I thought were 2 – 3 minute episodes. I was surprised to find that the first episode was 43 minutes in length and it was AWESOME. The episode was full of action and fun, and it only cost 99¢!


   Needless to say, with Mrs. Multiverse’s fan-girl permission, I purchased the rest of the episodes on Friday and have been watching them, in between some Boomerang content all weekend. The rest of the episodes run about 11 minutes long, and are just as entertaining as the first. So if you want to give yourself the gift of fun, pick these up for $29.99 on Google Play… it’s worth it.

Legion of Superheroes (2006 – 2007) a Review of sorts

   It is the 31st Century and the Legion of Superheroes is in dire need of assistance to defeat a group of foes that they can’t hope to match. Their solution, go back in time and enlist the help of the greatest superhero of them all… Superman. One little problem. They overshoot their target date by a few years and find a young Clark Kent who has yet to come to terms with his, Kryptonian abilities. They bring him – back to the future – and he becomes Super… man. Not boy, man. It was a legal thing. Well, it still is a legal thing. Anyhow, we get to see Clark come to grips with his own legend and even expand upon that legend a little bit more.

   Although this show is obviously targeted toward a younger audience, the show is entertaining enough for me and my wife to enjoy. I used to collect LoSH back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, leaving the title not long after it went to a “deluxe” format. One of my favorite themes from the books was that there were some very odd characters who were taken very seriously (Matter Eater Lad, Bouncing Boy, etc). This show just took that theme and ran with it like a drunken monkey with scissors.

   Not having seen it when it was broadcast back in 2006, I wanted to check it out. (See my review of “Birds of Prey” TV series and choosing to rent it for the same reason.) We are on Volume two of three and I am pretty pleased with how they add just enough references to  the old school LoSH to keep my inner geek satisfied. If you have seen this show yet, whether you have kids or not, pick it up, check it out and let your self have a little fun while watching.

Young Justice Batman Redesign


   This one was a warm up. I think I added too much detail, I got a bit carried away. The original base was a Young Justice Batman. This is just my take of this awesomely rendered and animated version of Batman. This took about seven hours in total to produce. Now that it is twelve hours later I am seeing imperfections and a few missed high-lights here and there. C’est la vie.

I used three different programs to edit this image in multiple layers. Corel’s Paint Shop Pro X2, JASC’s Paint Shop Pro 7.0 and Adobe Photo Shop 9.0 CS2.

Original artwork by Jerome K Moore. Batman, Bruce Wayne and all related images
are the copyrighted property of DC Comics, and Warner Bros Animation.

P.S. sorry for the double post, but the original “Re-blog” option just didn’t look right and felt somewhat lazy.