Gallery: Superheroes Done Right

   So there I was, again, searching through random image on Google when I came up with the idea to do a post about the WORST attempts at live action Superhero shows ever. Well, I found several lists along with images and the world has enough negative posts about everything.

   I decided to post a few images of, what I feel to be, the best executions of  superhero(ish) characters to make it to the small screen. I won’t list (Green) Arrow, the Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or the bad-assness of Dare Devil, since they all go without saying that they are some of the best shows to date based on comic book material. So without further ado I bring you, in no particular order, my favorite heroes that can be found on television.

The Haunting of Bob Kane

The Haunting of Bob Kane


   This is an older bLog, but I am one of many advocates for the late Bill Finger (1914-1974), the co-creator of Batman and this entry doesn’t pull ANY punches. While I don’t entirely agree with all of the points of Bob copying other’s works I do know that he had denied Bill his due.